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(The Game of the Twins (3)

“Why is he here?” Qiao Fei asked worriedly.

“How am I supposed to know? Let’s leave, don’t confront them… one against three is freaking unfair… we can’t deal with it even if we were gods. Let’s not push ourselves.”

Lu Yan tidied up her long hair and used the hair tie on her wrist to neatly wrap her hair into a bun.

When the breeze blew, strands of her bangs were gently blown up. It was an exceptionally beautiful scene.

This kind of Lu Yan was neat and comfortable. It was also the Lu Yan that Qiao Fei liked the most.

On the other hand, Qin Chu just put his daughters to bed. He didn’t dare to call Huo Mian and ask even though she was still not home.

It was because he had been pretending to give her the silent treatment and didn’t want everything to be in vain.

At this moment, he received a call from his subordinate…

“What’s the matter?” Qin Chu panicked when he received a call from the hidden bodyguard.

The hidden bodyguards would only contact him when something happened. Typically, he wouldn’t hear from them.

“Sir, something happened to Madam just now.”

Qin Chu’s face darkened when that person finished speaking.

“Where is she?” Qin Chu asked, trying to suppress his anger.

“Madam is fine now, but she was slightly injured.”

“What? Slightly… injured?” Qin Chu emphasized these words repetitively.

“Madam just fell down from the rooftop and landed on the balcony on the ninth floor. I got rid of the problems and escorted Madam back to her office. Do not worry, sir. Other than our people, the second lady’s people are protecting Madam as well.”

“How did she still get hurt… when that many people were protecting her? What were you guys doing?” Qin Chu gritted his teeth in anger.

“Sir, the incident occurred all of a sudden, and it was beyond our expectations. Huo Siqian’s second personality came out, and he’s skillful at fighting. His combat skills are at least double that of his original self.”

“These aren’t excuses… I trained you guys for so long and spent lots of time and money, just so that you can protect my wife.”

“Sorry, Sir.”

“Saying sorry to me doesn’t help anything. What happened still happened. Where’s my wife?” Qin Chu ground his teeth and asked in a lowered voice.

“Madam has returned back to her office.”

“Great, Huo Siqian… I’ll make you pay.”

Then, Qin Chu hung up the phone right away…

– The morning of the next day –

Huo Siqian woke up in the morning and walked out.

“Good morning, Boss.”

“Um.” Huo Siqian nodded.

Ah-Cheng knew that the boss was normal when he replied like this.

Most of the time, the boss became abnormal at night, and he would always have a mysterious mark on his face.

He would also release the wolf from the secret chamber…

“Are we going directly to the corporation?” Ah-Cheng asked.

“No, I will visit Yan Ruoxi’s place first.”

“Boss, last night, Miss Yan…” Ah-Cheng hesitated when he tried to talk.

“I know, you don’t need to tell me.” Huo Siqian’s expression remained calm as he walked directly to the driver’s seat of his car.

“May I drive you, boss?”

“No need. I’ll go there myself.” Huo Siqian opened the door and was about to get into the car.

Suddenly, he felt something was wrong. At the same time, he heard the tick-tock sound right beside his ears.

“Uh-oh…” Immediately after, Huo Siqian dodged to the side.

After hearing the rumbling sound, the whole car suddenly exploded and ignited into a blazing flame.

Even though Huo Siqian sprinted, he was still blown away by the force of impact.


A few subordinates ran to him quickly from behind.

Because Ah-Cheng was very far away from him, his condition wasn’t that serious. After the explosion, he got up immediately and ran towards Huo Siqian’s side.



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