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(Possessed by Devil (27)

“What… What do you mean? What do you mean by he disappears when you’re out? What did you do to Qian-Qian??” Yan Ruoxi was utterly stunned by what she heard.

“Seems like you’re quite the loyal one, I could barely tell.” The man chuckled coldly.

“No… This is not right. Ah-Cheng and the others call you their boss… What… is going on?” Suddenly, Ruo Yanxi reached the realization that the subordinates would most definitely not call this man their boss if he really wasn’t Huo Siqian. Unless… Could it be that Huo Siqian had a twin brother?

But that didn’t seem right either… The Huo Family most definitely didn’t have another son or everyone would’ve known about it.

Yan Ruoxi was deep in thought, trying to figure out what she should believe. On the other hand, the wolf beside Huo Siqian growled and paced around with excitement as it bared its teeth and closely watched Yan Ruoxi.

The atmosphere was tense, and for a moment, Yan Ruoxi thought that she just might become the animal’s late-night dinner.

“No, you’re not Huo Siqian. Could it be that… you are a ghost that’s possessing him!” At the end of her remark, even Yan Ruoxi herself was stunned by her conclusion. Her eyes were wild and her heart was pounding.

This man that stood in front of her shared the same face as Huo Siqian. But, other than that, nothing else was similar. The way the man held himself was different, he dressed differently, and even his voice sounded different. But, if he was really someone else, how could he be in the Huo Family Mansion? Can someone tell her what the hell was going on?

After pondering for a moment, Yan Ruoxi finally came to the realization that this was probably not a safe place for her to loiter around. In a flash, she turned around and charged for the door.

“Wolfie, go, have some fun with her.” The man smiled viciously as he watched her moving silhouette from behind.

Upon receiving the command, the wolf sprinted towards Yan Ruoxi like a bullet and leaped onto her back, its jaw snapped tightly onto her shirt.

“Ah!!” Yan Ruoxi screeched, “No!! Help!! Somebody! Help me!” She flailed her arm violently, feeling the air escape from her lungs but unable to inhale anymore. Was she going to die here?

In reality, the wolf didn’t snap its fangs on her artery, it was just tearing her clothes in a playful manner.

In the next second, Yan Ruoxi fell to the floor due to the force from the wolf. As soon as she hit the floor, the wolf leaped on top of her, pressing her down with its sharp claws. Yan Ruoxi, on the other hand, didn’t dare to move at all.

Too afraid to move, Yan Ruoxi stayed frozen on the floor, and thus, began the cruel game of a girl and a wolf in a dark secret room.

The wolf wouldn’t take a lethal bite; instead, it kept clawing at Yan Ruoxi. Soon, her whole body was covered in claw marks, and at the same time, visually, she had to endure the beast coming for her over and over again. Psychologically, she was beginning to have a mental breakdown.

The last instinct she had was to scream through the pain. In the dead of the night, her desperate calls echoed with the wolf’s howl and Huo Siqian’s cold laughter.

Downstairs, the subordinates listened intently, and none of them dared to move.

As they heard the woman from above screech with dread, they all pitied her deeply.

“Brother Ah-Cheng, will… will Miss Yan…. get… you know…” a subordinate asked.

Ah-Cheng only shook his head. “Not sure. I can never guess what’s on the boss’s mind at times like this.”

“Should we try to think of a way to rescue her?”

“Rescue her? Are you kidding me? The boss right now is not like the boss we know normally. If something goes wrong, you’d be paying with your life.” Ah-Cheng had seen Huo Siqian like this a couple of times throughout the years. He seemed to know the process, and therefore, he didn’t dare to make any sudden movements. He had already warned Yan Ruoxi numerous times to not go upstairs. But, she went anyway. This woman was simply reaping the rewards of her own actions; who else could be blamed for the consequences?

Don’t know how long it had been, Huo Siqian appeared downstairs with half of his face masked.

“Boss.” A couple of the subordinates all shook in fear as they called out.

“Boss, you’re going out?” Ah-Cheng also asked nervously.

“That woman in the room, throw her back to where she came from.”

“Yes, Boss.”

“Right now, I have some business that’s much more important to attend to,” Huo Siqian said faintly as he hastily left the Huo Family Mansion.



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