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(The Game of the Twins (2)

After calming down for three seconds, Huo Mian made a decision.

She went to the innermost part of the emergency room and grabbed some miscarriage prevention medication for herself.

She injected the medication into the muscle group on her bottom.

Besides gritting her teeth and enduring the pain, she had to guarantee that her hand was stable for injecting the medication.

At last, she returned to her office in exhaustion, leaned on the table, and fell asleep.

Huo Siqian didn’t come back. It might be because he found out somebody was protecting Huo Mian.

– Indonesia –

Lu Yan sat by the cliff in a small town and held a bristlegrass in her mouth.

Her watch suddenly rang…

“Speak.” Lu Yan’s tone had always been domineering.

“Boss, a little situation happened in the country just now.”

“What’s the situation?” Lu Yan asked calmly.

“Your older sister was attacked by someone half an hour ago and fell from the top of the roof.”

“Sh*t… say that again?” Lu Yan jumped up quickly out of anxiety and almost dropped her watch.

“Your older sister…”

“How’s my sis now?” Lu Yan panicked.

“Nothing really happened to your older sister. Our people were about to go up, but someone was ahead of us. She fell from the rooftop to the ninth floor… she might have some minor injuries, nothing serious. Please relax, Boss.”

“F*ck… why didn’t you tell me earlier… you’re scaring the hell out of me,” Lu Yan yelled ruthlessly.

“Boss, you got too anxious before I could even finish talking.”

“So… are you blaming me?” Lu Yan asked domineeringly.

“No no no, how would I dare to blame the boss?”

“Cut the crap. Tell me who attacked my sister. I’ll bomb him,” even though she heard Huo Mian had minor injuries, Lu Yan still couldn’t stand it and said that she wanted to bomb that person.

“It was the demonized Huo Siqian.”

“What do you mean by demonized Huo Siqian? Did he transform or something?” Lu Yan asked.

“Precisely speaking, it’s Huo Siqian’s second personality.”

“Sh*t, Huo Siqian is a scumbag. I finally understand now. If he doesn’t die, my sis’s whole family won’t have a good life… After I finish dealing with that Psycho Ian, I’ll butcher Huo Siqian, cut him into pieces, and feed them to the dogs.”

“Chillax, Boss. The problem at the moment is that you should be leaving Indonesia.”

“Why?” Lu Yan rolled her eyes.

“Because we received a cryptographic report, Ian’s bro Nalo will arrive in Indonesia tonight.”

“I’m not scared of Ian. Why would I be scared of the mafia brothers? Do you think your boss is a herbivore?” Lu Yan’s attitude had always been arrogant.

“Boss, even though Nalo isn’t the problem, he’s got Leavis working for him. Don’t forget that,” Lu Yan’s subordinate reminded her.

“Leavis is coming too?” Lu Yan’s facial expression changed.

“Yeah, Boss, you know the best how crazy the believers of Leavis can be so there’s no need for me to remind you. Nalo brought Leavis to Indonesia. I think… something’s off here. You should leave to prevent anything from happening.”

“Got it. I’ll do that.”

Lu Yan pressed her watch, put her hands on her waist, and looked cheesed.

“Qiao Fei… pack everything. Let’s get out of here,” seeing Qiao walking from far away, Lu Yan notified him.

“What time?”

“Now, immediately, right away.”

“In such a rush? What happened?” Qiao Fei knew that something definitely happened when Lu Yan was in a hurry to leave.

“Leavis. Are you afraid?” Lu Yan laughed and asked Qiao Fei.

Qiao Fei’s face darkened as well when he heard the name.



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