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(The Game of the Twins (10)

“What did you say?” Su Yu stared at An.

“You told me to protect President Huo so I had my guys watch her in secret. Huo Mian was attacked yesterday. Luckily, her husband’s men turned up and saved her. I think she still sustained some injuries though. She spent last night in her office.”

“Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?” Su Yu felt so guilty.

He didn’t know that Huo Mian was injured. He even ate the breakfast she brought him. He really didn’t know that something so big had happened the previous night.

“I haven’t seen you until now.” An looked so wronged.

“Who’s the bastard that did this? I’m going to kill him!” Su Yu lost it hearing the news of Huo Mian’s injury.

“It was Huo Siqian.”

“Fack, him again?!” Su Yu tightened his grip on the steering wheel.

Just then, the light turned green. Su Yu was still parked at the intersection, blocking traffic.

The cars behind him were blasting their horns, annoying the heck out of him.

Su Yu opened his car door and got off his car. He pointed to the cars behind him and cursed, “Who the hell are you rushing?! I’m in a bad mood and I don’t want to f*cking move. If anyone makes another peep, I’ll smash their car into pieces!”

With that, all cars fell silent… None of them dared to make a peep.

Who would dare to get in the face of the Su Family’s young master?

Two traffic cops walked over to him to see who was brazen enough to yell and scream while causing such a traffic jam.

As soon as they got close, however, their angry faces turned into smiles.

“Young Master Su, it’s you.”

“What do you want?” Su Yu glanced at the traffic cop.

“Oh nothing, we’re just here to see if you needed any help.” One of the cops reacted quickly.

“Actually, I do. Go tell the cars behind me to be quiet. If they honk their horns again, I’ll destroy all of their cars.”

“Yes, of course, we’ll do that right now.”

Su Yu looked beyond pissed when he sat back into his car. An was more than familiar with his boss’s temper but he still tried to persuade the man, “President Su, I know you want to kill Huo Siqian right now but it’s not the right time to cause a scene. You just got out of jail.”

“En, I know. I won’t do anything stupid.” With that, Su Yu stepped on the gas and left the intersection.

– Security Bureau, Jiang Xiaowei’s office –

“Mian, you’re here to see Su Yu?” Jiang Xiaowei smiled.

“Yes, his case has been handled. He already left.”

“I heard all about it. You’re really the best, taking care of things so quickly.” Jiang Xiaowei made Huo Mian a cup of coffee.

“Xiaowei, we’ve talked about Huo Siqian’s split personality before right?” Huo Mian brought up the topic suddenly.

“Yes, why?” Jiang Xiaowei nodded.

“Last night… I saw his second identity. No, actually, this was the second time I saw it.” Huo Mian trembled at the thought of the previous night.

She always saw herself as a brave girl, not easily creeped out or scared.

The thought of Huo Siqian’s second identity, however, still made her hair stand on end.

“Really? What was he like?” Jiang Xiaowei was also horrified.

“Extremely psychotic… completely different from Huo Siqian. Last night, I almost died at his hands.” Huo Mian enunciated every word.

Jiang Xiaowei’s face paled.



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