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(A Beautiful Counterattack (4)

“Regardless of who she likes, it has nothing to do with you,” Qin Chu responded coldly and left.

After Qin Chu’s departure, Zhang Manlin took the bus home. Upon confirming the fact that she had not been followed, she then went to look for Huo Siqian.

– At the Huo Family’s old mansion –

“Big Brother Huo,” Zhang Manlin called out politely.

“How goes it Linlin? I heard you met up with Qin Chu today, any luck?” Huo Siqian stood at the bar mixing a cocktail, appearing to be in a good mood.


“Let’s hear it.” Huo Siqian swirled around and passed a freshly made cocktail to Zhang Manlin.

Respectfully, she received the glass with both hands and held it. After contemplation, she said softly, “He pulled the curtains today and asked me to make my choice.”

“Ah yes, and what did you say.” Huo Siqian smiled as if it was all according to his plan.

“I did what you instructed me to do. I pretended to be in a dilemma and negotiated with him. Of course, he didn’t agree. I then continued to babble on and made the decision of siding with him at the very end. I said I would betray you and pass information to him.”

“Did he believe you?” Huo Siqian narrowed his eyes and licked his lips.

“I’m not confident, but judging by his expression, I’m eighty percent sure that he believed me. After all, I did try to negotiate with him by making him feel like I fell for him and that I’d like to be with him. I even asked for permission to work at GK after everything is done,” Zhang Manlin explained.

“Did he agree?” Huo Siqian asked.

“Yes, he did. Big Brother Huo, you know that I do like Qin Chu, so between half-truths and half-lies, I think he believes me.”

“Very well, next up…” Before Huo Siqian could continue, Zhang Manlin interrupted, “Rest assured Mr. Huo, I know what to do next. I will pass your information on to him a couple of times. Once he believes me completely, we will then pass him a fake one. By then, he will lose all his cards with no chance of coming back.”

“Qin Chu won’t let you off if he learns that you betrayed him, and he will definitely not be with you,” Huo Siqian said calmly.

“That’s alright. Even if I like Qin Chu, it will have to depend on the timing. After all, Big Brother Huo, you’ve given me so many things that I would never be able to achieve in my lifetime, it’s impossible for me to betray you.” Zhang Manlin showed her loyalty once more.

“I trust that you will not disappoint me.” Huo Siqian smiled contently at Zhang Manlin’s words.

“I will not.”

“Great, you may leave now.”

“Big Brother Huo, I do have one thing to ask…”


“Once this is all over, you will leave with Huo Mian, and Qin Chu would have lost everything. By then, can you give me the two kids?”

“You want the twins?” Huo Siqian asked.

“Yes. To be honest, the two kids are pissing me off.”

“What plans do you have for them?” Huo Siqian continued his questioning in a calm manner.

“I plan on trafficking them to a remote village within the Southern Mountains. They will never be able to get out of the deep mountains,” Zhang Manlin said viciously.

“Not a bad idea. We’ll talk about it when the dust has settled.”

“Okay. Big Brother Huo, I will leave for now.” As Zhang Manlin finished speaking, she turned around and left happily.

“Boss, do you believe this woman’s words? Are you sure she hasn’t actually sided with Qin Chu?” Ah-Cheng sounded worried.

“She doesn’t dare, she knows what kind of person I am,” Huo Siqian said confidently.

“Are we really giving the kids to her? Miss Huo cares a lot about her kids, so if she were to find out…” Ah-Cheng couldn’t believe what he had heard. He had no idea that Zhang Manlin could be so vicious. If she were to really traffick the twins to the mountains, their whole lives would be ruined.




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  1. Hmmmm

    I don't think Mr. Huo will spare this lady for her viciousness...

    And does Qin Chu believe her completely?


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