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(Coming Events Cast Their Shadows Before Them (16)

“I’m here because I heard you look like my mommy, so I wanted to check you out for myself.” Little Bean looked back at Zhang Manlin with equal animosity.

“Haha, you sure are curious,” Zhang Manlin sneered.

“Manlin, hang out with Little Bean for a while, okay? We have work to do.” Zhang Manlin’s colleagues didn’t know what was going on, so they asked her to take care of Little Bean.

“Hello, Old Auntie Zhang Manlin…”

“What did you call me?”

“Oh, my bad, I should say, hello, Big Old Auntie Manlin… Anyways, I’m happy to have met you today. Oh, right, Mommy always taught us not to come empty-handed. I thought up and down and decided that giving you flowers was the best present. After all, these flowers really suit your personality and charm.” Then, Little Bean reached into her bag to grab the bouquet of flowers Pudding gave her.

“What do you mean?” Zhang Manlin crossed her arms arrogantly. The truth was, this wasn’t her original personality. But because Huo Siqian told her to imitate Huo Mian, she slowly became used to acting this way…

However, Huo Mian’s arrogance was based on true talent and hard work, and she was actually really down-to-earth to those around her. On the other hand, Zhang Manlin’s arrogance was the kind people got annoyed with – they were definitely not on the same level, and her imitation was mediocre at best.

“I really think it’s a shame you’re not a stripper…” Little Bean said, and the women behind them immediately burst out in laughter.

Zhang Manlin’s expression changed drastically, “Is that what your mommy taught you?”

“Oh, wait, I got it wrong. What I meant was, even a stripper is capable of having the personality and charm you do…”

Zhang Manlin: “…”

She was smarter than Liu Ze in that she immediately realized that Little Bean didn’t come in peace.

“Haha, Little Bean, you’re hilarious, who do you take after? Your mommy and daddy don’t usually joke around like this,” someone cut it.

“It’s called a genetic mutation. My twin sister and I are very different as well,” Little Bean responded proudly, and everyone in the room burst into laughter again.

Zhang Manlin, who was standing angrily by the door, walked into the office and sat down in front of her desk, completely ignoring Little Bean.

Finally, Little Bean took out the bouquet of chrysanthemums, which had been smeared in her bag. “Auntie Zhang, I bought these flowers for you, I hope you live every day happily,” Little Bean said, repeating what Pudding had taught her earlier.

“How am I supposed to be happy? You just gave me chrysanthemums. Kid, did you do it on purpose?” Zhang Manlin’s expression darkened.

“I looked up what gifting chrysanthemums meant, it’s for people who are pure and innocent. Auntie Zhang, are you saying you’re the opposite of that?”

“You…” Zhang Manlin was surprised by how sharp-tongued Little Bean was, and she didn’t know how to respond.

“But the flowers got squished in my bag so they’re not pretty anymore. Here, let me tear the petals off and give them to you.” Then, Little Bean grabbed a handful of pedals and threw them over Zhang Manlin’s head…

Annoyed, Zhang Manlin scolded, “What are you doing! I’m going to call your mother!”

Her angry rant left her mouth wide open… Seeing the opportunity, Little Bean quickly stuffed something in her mouth, before Zhang Manlin had the chance to react.

As she was talking, Zhang Manlin swallowed whatever Little Bean fed her. She went crazy. “You little brat! What did you feed me!”



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