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(Possessed by Devil (30)

The split personality coming from Huo Siqian was rather different from Huo Siqian himself.

Despite how irritating he could be, at the very least, he never had the heart to hurt Huo Mian or to force her into doing anything against her wishes.

But, this man was different, this was a completely demonized Huo Siqian that would do anything because he had no bottom line.

Being the proud person that Huo Mian was, she would never let anything despicable happen. She had already decided, when the time came, she would drag Huo Siqian’s second personality down with her. At the very least, he would die with her, and she would have gotten rid of the last enemy for Qin Chu.

Once Huo Siqian died, the country would basically be calm again, and once Huo Mian died, Ian would also stop his investigation. By then, Qin Chu and the twins could live a simple and happy life. Although their lives would be without her.

Huo Mian’s eyes became misty at the thought of her most beloved husband and daughters.

But, she had too much pride and self-respect to permit the feeling of faintheartedness. So, she lifted her head, bit her lip, and forcefully swallowed her tears.

“Huo Mian, tell me. Do you think Qin Chu, Su Yu, and them would go mad if they find out how easily I forced myself on you at the highest level of the hospital?” A haunting grin hung at the corner of the man’s lips.

“You wish! It’s never going to happen, because….” Huo Mian paused as if making the final decision; she smiled hopelessly, “I’m dragging you to hell with me!”

Her hands were already restricted, but that didn’t stop her from suddenly hooking onto the man’s legs with her own as she shifted her entire body’s weight behind her.

Instantly, the two of them began falling back.

“You’re insane!” The man was surprised by Huo Mian’s decisiveness, and without a second thought, he grabbed on to the metal rails just on the edge.

His other hand grabbed Huo Mian’s tightly, as she dangled just around death.

“You can let go. After all, I’ve never been afraid of death.” Huo Mian smiled.

If she was already going to die, why not go withholding her pride?

“Indeed Qin Chu’s woman, quite the woman you are.” The man seemed a bit moved by Huo Mian’s actions.

Before he could say anything else, Huo Mian gave a pull by the wrist and brought him tumbling down.

It was a dangerously thrilling scene.

However, the demonized Huo Siqian seemed much more agile. As they fell towards the tenth floor, he was able to grab onto a ledge near the windows, and following the downward force, Huo Mian landed on the balcony of the ninth floor.

She landed with a thump and immediately felt her back give and became immobilized.

The man chuckled and was about to jump down from the tenth floor. “Let’s see what you’re going to do now?”

Right at this time, a gunshot went off, and a bullet scraped the bottom of his shoe, almost hitting him.

“Who’s there?” He studied his surroundings alarmingly and noticed a man in black outside the window on the tenth floor with a handgun.

“Interesting, there is backup.” Jack laughed again.

The man in black gave him a glance and immediately fired three more shots.

Agilely, Jack dodged all three bullets, proving that he wasn’t just some scrub playing in the big league without any skills.

However, he wasn’t sure how many people were around and ultimately decided to retreat first.

“Fine. I guess that will be enough for the day. We’ll play another day. Huo Mian, I will miss you,” Before disappearing, Jack blew Huo Mian a devilish kiss.

As soon as he left, the man in black jumped down from the tenth floor and helped Huo Mian up.

“Who are you?” Huo Mian glanced up at her savior in black appreciatively.



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