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(Possessed by Devil (17)

“Yes, you can question my siblings, my parents and my aunts and uncles. But Ning-Ning, you shouldn’t question what’s in my heart for you. You’re not a baby anymore. Can’t you feel in your heart how I treat you? In the past, there was a reason I didn’t pursue any other girls. There are so many young and nice-looking celebrities in this circle. I can play with any of those female artists under Su Yu’s company, free of charge! Why do I waste so much time on you and pamper you carefully? I’m really not good at sucking up to people.”

If Tang Chuan was talking like this, it meant he was actually pretty angry.

“What you said is all correct. But what your mom said actually hurt me, too. No matter if Jin Ying intentionally recorded it or not, I’m really unhappy. You go and relax, I’m leaving first. I don’t want to argue with you.” Qin Ning immediately turned around and was about to leave.

Tang Chuan immediately pulled out the IV fluid on his hand and blood flew everywhere, causing the caretaker to scream, “Blood, so much blood!”

Qin Ning turned around and looked at the scene, her face turning pale.

“Tang Chuan, what are you doing!” screamed Qin Ning uncontrollably.

“Didn’t you say you were going to leave? Then why do you even care if I’m alive or not? Just leave,” said Tang Chuan in a fit of anger.

Due to the needle moving, his hand swelled up immediately. The IV fluid was everywhere, mixed with blood, which was concerning.

“Nurse, please come and check!” Qin Ning didn’t even have time to worry about the argument that she just had with Tang Chuan, she immediately opened the door and screamed for a nurse.

The nurse came in and checked, “Don’t worry. It’s just the needle. We just need to place the needle again on the other hand.”

“Everyone get out! I don’t need another needle. I’m gonna get the hell out of this hospital right now!” raged Tang Chuan.

“You are such good friends with Su Yu. I’ve already heard that Su Yu has a bad temper. Now it looks like you’re even worse than him,” said Qin Ning.

“If you don’t want to see it, then leave,” said Tang Chuan in a tantrum.

“Then I won’t just leave. Your family didn’t open this hospital so it’s none of your business whether I stay or leave,” Qin Ning said stubbornly.

Tang Chuan was speechless.

“Qin Ning, are you three years old!?” said Tang Chuan while staring at her angrily.

“Nope. I’m an adult who’s over twenty. But I just love acting like a little kid. This is called looking for long-lost childlike simplicity,” said Qin Ning through a defiant stare with her chin raised.


“What?” Qin Ning looked at him unflinchingly, which completely defeated Tang Chuan.

The young nurse quietly left the room after seeing these two try this different way of flirting.

– Ten minutes later –

Under Qin Ning’s watch, Tang Chuan got another needle placed in his other hand.

What he got from it was Qin Ning sitting by his bed and feeding him congee herself.

“Hey Tang Chuan, let me ask you. How did you know that I watched the video that Jin Ying showed me…” Qin Ning hadn’t noticed before due to her anger, but now after thinking twice, she realized that she didn’t actually say that Jin Ying looked for her nor the video, yet he seemed to know everything.

“Because I’m such a genius.”

“Stop with your BS. Tell me the truth.”

“Well… I did my investigation. Of course, I knew something was wrong when you acted so weird. So I checked your schedule and found out that you met with Jin Yin that day. Then I went to look for her and found that video on her phone.”

“And then…?” after hearing that Tang Chuan went to look for Jin Ying, Qin Ning felt a little jealous.



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