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(The Game of the Twins (17)

“Mian, if I were to say no, would you believe me?” Huo Siqian replied in a simple and warm manner.

Upon reading the message, Huo Mian subconsciously believed him. She remembered him saying that he wouldn’t touch her daughters because he knew she cared about them the most. If he were to use the twins to threaten her, then she would absolutely not tolerate him any longer. Even if she had to sacrifice her life, she would make sure Huo Siqian wouldn’t live another day.

But, since he didn’t have the twins, then, it was easier to handle.

“Chu, could it be Ian..?” Huo Mian gave Qin Chu’s palm a squeeze and asked in a low voice. The whole Ian situation was not known by the others, so she didn’t want to discuss it publicly.

“Can’t be, Lu Yan has been keeping an eye on Ian. If he came to C City, I would know,” Qin Chu shook his head and dismissed Huo Mian’s suggestion again.

Under normal circumstances, or regular crises, Huo Mian was always able to solve issues in a calm and intelligent manner. However, when the issue directly involved the kids, she lost her cool entirely. It was a good thing that Qin Chu was beside her, as he was the psychological support that she needed.

“Qin Chu, what should we do then? Even if we are not calling the cops, we shouldn’t just be sitting around waiting like this. You can call Gao Ran and ask his men to do a private investigation. The more manpower we have, the better it is!” Qin Ning said impatiently.

“No, Gao Ran can’t help much. It might not be such a good idea to get the officials involved right now.” Qin Chu was in agreeance with Tang Chuan. As soon as the police force was involved, regardless if they kept it low-key or not, it would change the situation entirely. If it really was a kidnapping situation, it would only infuriate the kidnapper if they went to the police.

As of right now, it might be better to wait for the kidnapper to call. Qin Chu thought.

If the twins weren’t kidnapped, then they would come home on their own. Based on how clever they were, they would ask for help, even if they were lost.

Both Qin Chu’s heart and mind were in chaos. But, due to the very fact that everyone else’s minds were just as messy, he must be the one to remain focused. If everyone was in chaos, then no one would be able to rescue their daughters.

Suddenly, Qin Chu’s phone rang.

Seeing that it was his subordinate, he picked it up without saying a thing.

“President Qin, we looked for all the camera footage, but the entire street’s cameras weren’t working today and recorded nothing. We’ve asked many pedestrians as well, no one has seen Miss Pudding and Little Bean.”

“How could that be? My dad brought the kids here himself, and that’s the truth. Everyone is saying they didn’t see anything? That might be the case if they were regular kids, but regardless of where, twins always attract attention. How could no one have seen them?” Qin Chu began to lose his temper.

“We will continue to investigate.” The subordinate hung up, leaving Qin Chu’s face dark and gloomy.

“Chu, what do we do now? Are we really just going to wait??” Huo Mian asked anxiously. The suspense was already unbearable for her.

“Dad, where did you guys have the last meal?”

“That store over there.” Mr. Qin pointed to a small store not far from them.

Qin Chu walked over in big strides while the rest followed closely.

“Hi, my dad just brought the kids to eat here, and by the time he paid, the kids were gone. Did any of your staff notice anything?” Qin Chu asked.

“Oh, are you talking about the identical twin girls?” the owner asked.

“Yes, that’s them. Do you know where they’ve gone?” Qin Chu was slightly ecstatic at the notion that the owner might know something.



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