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(A Beautiful Counterattack (2)

“Uh… really? You can’t bully me for knowing less than you, Sis…” Little Bean was completely perplexed.

Yet, Pudding was too lazy to explain as she turned her head back and continued watching the television on the sofa.

Huo Mian went upstairs and locked the door of the bedroom before she rushed to the bathroom and vomited all over the place.

She never had such a huge reaction when she had the twins. How did it get so intense despite him being here for a month?

She probably should start eating less to avoid alerting people, especially the people who were Huo Siqian’s informers.

“Mommy will definitely… protect your safety.” Huo Mian felt weak from vomiting. She leaned on the tub feebly.

– Inside a Western-style restaurant –

“What’s the matter?” Qin Chu glanced at Zhang Manlin’s face coldly.

“Didn’t you ask me to consider your words? I’ve made a decision…” Zhang Manlin said suddenly.

“So… what’s your decision?” Qin Chu squinted his eyes, not knowing what Zhang Manlin would choose.

“I decided to be on your side…”

“Oh, not bad, you’re not that dumb.” It sounded like this was going according to Qin Chu’s plan.

“However, President Qin, I have a condition…” Zhang Manlin said quickly.

“You don’t have the qualifications to talk about any conditions with me,” Qin Chu refused right away and didn’t give her a chance to talk.

“I an making such a huge sacrifice, President Qin. How could you not give me any benefits? I am actually risking my life here. You know what type of person he is. If he knows that I betrayed him, I’ll end up terribly.”

“How much money did he promise you? I’ll give you double the amount,” Qin Chu lowered his head, looked at his cellphone, and stopped talking to Zhang Manlin.

“No, I don’t want money.”

“Then what do you want?” Qin Chu asked.

“I… I want… want to be with you,” Zhang Manlin said word by word.

After Qin Chu heard everything, he raised his head with coldness in his eyes. “You want to be with me?”

“I’m not asking to be Mrs. Qin because I know Huo Mian and you may not divorce easily. After all, many things are implicated and children as well. I’m just thinking… that I can be with you without any status. I just want to be with you even if I’m an employee pouring water and tea in your company. Is that okay?”

“Zhang Manlin, you do have guts, daring to say that out loud.” Qin Chu was furious.

If this woman didn’t have any value that he could utilize, he would definitely shoot her.

“I’m afraid that I won’t have the chance to tell you if I don’t say it now.”

“So, what will happen if I refuse?” Qin Chu asked scornfully.

“Then… I won’t do anything either, but I won’t tell you any information about him. I don’t want to risk my life doing such things after all.”

“Perfect, then I’ll tell you and listen carefully. You only have two options… Option one, choose my side and you don’t have any qualifications to talk about any condition with me. Option two… if you don’t choose my side, I’ll make you disappear within three days.”

“Are you threatening me, President Qin?” Zhang Manlin’s heart skipped a beat.

What did he mean by making her disappear? Would Qin Chu kill her? She didn’t expect this result at all. This good-looking and god-like man would actually talk about killing someone as a usual routine?

“Threatening you? Ha, you can understand it this way. I was never a kind person, so you have to think thoroughly.” Qin Chu raised the corner of his mouth tauntingly.



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