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(The Game of the Twins (12)

“Ugh…” Huo Mian was speechless.

“What happened?” Huo Mian’s face made Jiang Xiaowei curious.

“Little Bean said that her daddy’s angry and that it’s really scary.”

“Haha… did you do something to make him mad again?” Jiang Xiaowei was enjoying the show.

“Ahem… whatever, I’ll go home first.”

“Alright, call me when you have time to get together.” Jiang Xiaowei waved to Huo Mian.

After she left the station, Huo Mian drove back to South Hill Manor, feeling unsettled.

Why was Mr. Qin so mad? He was not normally so ill-tempered.

Was it because she saw Su Yu in the morning? Was it because she brought him breakfast?

That was not likely… she was always so honest about her relationship with Su Yu… Mr. Qin knew that nothing was going on…

Huo Mian worried the entire way. Once she got home, she did sense that the atmosphere was off.

Qin Ning was just heading out, all done-up. “Mian, I’m going to the mall. I’m doing a little bit of shopping with Little Chuan. You know, because we’re bringing our nieces back to the U.S tonight?”

“Tang Chuan’s going back too?” Huo Mian asked.

“Yes, he can’t live without me right now.” Qin Ning grinned proudly as she headed out.

She suddenly turned around as if she remembered something. She whispered mysteriously, “Mian, my brother’s kind of in one of his moods today. Watch out… and good luck.”

“What? Don’t leave… why is he pissed?” Qin Ning left Huo Mian hanging as she rushed out the door.

Their plane ticket was booked for 10 PM that night. Qin Ning, Tang Chuan, Mr. and Mrs. Qin, and the twins were heading back to the U.S.

Huo Mian didn’t mind it at first because she thought that it was a setup. Mr. Qin was too attached to his daughters to send them away.

“Mian, you’re back? Where were you last night?” Mrs. Qin walked out of the kitchen.

“I was doing overtime, Mom.”

“Chu’s not in a good mood. I don’t think he really slept last night. I saw the light from the library when I woke up for a drink of water early this morning.”

“Mom, what’s wrong with him?”

“I’m not sure. You know him… no one dares to ask, not even his dad and me.”

“Alright, I’ll go and check on him.”

“He’s in the library.”

“Where’s Little Bean and Pudding?”

“Their grandpa took them out to play. The kids didn’t want to leave but when they heard that they were going to the U.S, they began worrying about all the foods they’d be missing. So, they’re out shopping for stock.” Mrs. Qin laughed.

“The two little foodies…”

Huo Mian sighed and went upstairs.

It was already 10 in the morning.

Usually, at this time, Qin Chu would be at GK working, but today he was still in the family library. It truly was strange.

Huo Mian felt a little guilty. Although she didn’t know what she did, she decided to be nice first.

She made a cup of coffee and brought it to the library.

She knocked on the door…

“Come in.” Qin Chu’s voice was cold as usual.

“Honey, why didn’t you go to work today?” Huo Mian ran over to him cutely after she shut the door.

Because they knew the library was free of bugs, they were incredibly affectionate.

“So how’s your injury from last night?” Qin Chu avoided her question.

“Honey… last night… thank you for sending your men to protect me… It really was so scary… I was so afraid.” Huo Mian brought up the events from the previous night.

“So… you tried to pull Huo Siqian off the building with you. You don’t care about me or our daughters, right?” Qin Chu asked without any facial expression.



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