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(A Beautiful Counterattack (9)

“Ning-Ning, there’s really nothing going on between us.” Huo Mian didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry.

“No, I don’t believe you. You guys are both emotionally intelligent, perhaps there is a deeper meaning between the lines. I gotta watch out for it.”

Qin Ning didn’t go to sleep until she had finished talking to Huo Mian.

– At the old Huo Mansion –

“Boss, Qin Chu’s parents, and the kids are leaving, should we…” Ah-Cheng asked carefully.

“They won’t be leaving.”

“Boss, are you sure?”

“I’m sure they won’t be leaving,” Huo Siqian chuckled and continued, “Qin Chu is afraid that he won’t be able to focus, and that’s why he’s making such decisions so he has less to worry about. But, I won’t make it that easy for him.”

“So, should we strike first to gain an advantage?” Ah-Cheng thought his boss was going to capture Qin Chu’s parents and kids to use it as a threat. However, Huo Siqian only waved his hand, “No need for us to dirty our hands, someone will do it for us.”

“Could it be that… Master Ian coming?” Ah-Cheng shuddered at the thought of Ian. It was no surprise that Ah-Cheng was not a big fan of him, especially at the thought that he consumed human blood. To Ah-Cheng, Ian was not human. Instead, he was the real devil himself.

“Ian doesn’t need to be involved in such a minor task. Just watch, the show has just begun.” The corner of Huo Siqian’s lip curled up. “Let’s see what Qin Chu has planned once he loses his kids.”

– Next morning –

Huo Mian arrived bright and early at South Side for a meeting and then proceeded to head out to continue to work on Su Yu’s incident.

Right as she was exiting the hospital’s lobby, she ran into Zhang Manlin, who wore the exact same outfit as her.

Not only did Zhang Manlin like to imitate Huo Mian’s style, she also practiced Huo Mian’s every movement in front of the mirror extensively.

But, when bystanders comment on the fact that she reminded them of Huo Mian, she would scoff and deny the statement.

In reality, this was already a clear warning of how she viewed herself. Her self-image has been completely shattered, and her self-confidence had taken a hit to a morbid state. Deep down, she envied Huo Mian and even felt jealous. The very thought of wanting to become her without being a replica was contradictory and ironic in of itself.

Huo Mian liked to wear beige trench coats that looked clean-cut. On the inside, she wore a white dress shirt with a bow tied around her neck. Looking stylish and graceful, she completed her get-up with a pair of light blue trousers and a pair of black kitten heels.

Upon seeing Huo Mian’s outfit the last time, Zhang Manlin had gone out and purchased the exact same items because she liked it so much, resulting in today’s awkward encounter, both wearing the exact same outfit.

Huo Mian glanced at Zhang Manlin without a word, but coldness seeped through her eyes.

“Vice Director, what a coincidence that you like this brand of clothing.” Zhang Manlin tilted her chin up while her voice sounded rather arrogant.

“It’s no coincidence; it’s more like you having the financial wealth to purchase a thirty-thousand-yuan trench coat. It must be a waste of your talent for someone as wealthy as you to work in the finance department of our hospital.” Huo Mian’s words reeked of disdain.

Zhang Manlin chuckled, “Vice Director, there’s a misunderstanding. I’m not wealthy at all as I came from a small village. How would I have so much money? But, you know, I don’t like wearing fakes, so I had to ask my friend to gift it to me. It’s my new boyfriend; he’s a talented and handsome entrepreneur of a well-known company that is public. He’s really wealthy and loves me very much. So, it’s no surprise that I’d be wearing this. My boyfriend also said, whatever you have, vice director, he will buy me the exact same going forward,” Zhang Manlin provoked, hinting at the idea that her new boyfriend was Qin Chu.



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