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(Coming Events Cast Their Shadows Before Them (2)

“Alright, since you’re this stubborn, I don’t have any more to say. Take care of yourself.”

“Vice Director. You’re leaving already? I’ve sustained… heavy injuries.”

“Haha… Doctor Liu, do you believe this saying?”

Huo Mian turned around and sneered, enunciating every word.

“What saying?” Liu Ze hesitated.

“In the end, people will always get what they deserve. God is watching all of us and no evil deed will be spared.”

With that, Huo Mian turned and left.

Liu Ze’s expression changed…

“Hmph… this is what Su Yu deserves.”

Liu Ze looked up and sighed out a long breath. He then pulled out a photo from his shirt.

The girl in the photo wore the loveliest smile on her face. His eyes began to water…

“I will get Su Yu… I will get revenge for you.” Liu Ze’s voice was filled with hatred.

After Huo Mian left South Side, she drove directly to the city police station.

Along the way, every radio station was reporting the news of Su Yu’s incident. Because it happened so suddenly, all media sources were trying to be the first to cover the news.

Liu Ze had just returned to the city. How did he have enough clout to rile up the media…

Su Yu’s case was undoubtedly getting worse and worse.

An influential source even wrote the following – The son of the Su Family completely disregards the law, critically injuring a male doctor from South Side Recuperation Center out of jealousy over a female doctor. Were the laws only made for ordinary citizens or were they made for everyone? Are the sons of the rich and powerful above the law?

These types of extreme views drove the public into a frenzy, triggering their emotions and riling them up.

Everyone began commenting and spreading the news on Weibo and WeChat…

Soon after, Su Yu’s name began to trend.

Hundreds of thousands of comments were left for the topic…

“Su Yu, give us an explanation. It’s not you, right?”

“Su Yu, is the news about you killing a man true? Are all rich kids this headstrong? You didn’t even hire someone to do the job? You just did it yourself? So crazy!”

“I heard that it’s for Huo Mian. Is that true? You’re still in love with that woman?”

“Su Yu, you piece of garbage! Just because your grandfather’s the commander, you do whatever you want? I’ve had enough of you. This time, you’re dead for sure.”

“If you don’t go to prison this time, I won’t believe in our justice system anymore.”

“You’re probably the most troublesome rich kid ever. Your dad and your granddad must be so tired worrying for you every day. Think before you act, son.”

“Su Yu’s pretty nice. I don’t think he’d do that… did he have too much to drink and got into a fight?”

“That poor male doctor! He didn’t even do anything and got his wrist sliced. It’s good that the paramedics arrived so quickly. Otherwise, he would’ve died. How scary!”

These netizens were swayed so easily. Not only did they leave comments on Su Yu’s page, they even went to Huo Mian’s page as well, questioning her relationship with Su Yu. After that, they turned to Qin Chu’s Weibo page.

Some netizens with ulterior motives even left direct messages for Qin Chu – “There’s definitely something between your wife and Su Yu. Why else would he kill for her? She’s cuckolding you hard, President Qin.”

Zhang Manlin smiled at the Weibo post and dialed Qin Chu’s number.

“President Qin…”

“What?” Qin Chu remained cold.

“Vice Director just visited doctor Liu. They talked in private for a long time and now she’s heading to the city police station. Our finance department said that she took with her hundreds of thousands of yuan to bail out Su Yu. Do you know about this?”

Qin Chu remained silent…

“President Qin, everyone’s talking about the relationship between Vice Director and Su Yu. I don’t think it’s true… right? After all, Vice Director is such a great person,” Zhang Manlin said pretentiously.



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