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(Possessed by Devil (28)

– South Side Recuperation Center –

Liu Ze had not yet withdrawn his lawsuit yet, but Huo Mian was confident that Su Yu will be safe and sound.

She smiled to herself as she planned on taking a trip to the bureau to visit him and let him know that the problem has been solved.

Right before Chen Jie left work, she had dropped off the latest patient list for the Neurology department. Huo Mian, who was working the night shift, had nothing better to do and decided to review the list.

Before she knew it, the clock struck eleven o’clock.

The hospital was quiet, especially in the doctors’ offices. Huo Mian’s office was the only one that still had the lights on.

Suddenly, the wind howled and blew open the window. Huo Mian turned towards the noise and got up calmly in an attempt to shut the window.

However, just as her fingers were about to touch the window, a half-masked face appeared from the dark and revealed itself under the moonlit sky. His face was as pale as a corpse, and slowly, his lips curved into a grin, “Huo Mian, we meet again.”

Huo Mian jumped back in shock as her cell phone slipped through her cold hand; she turned and ran out the door before it tumbled down to the floor.

She was too familiar with this feeling. Several years ago, on a dark and rainy night, she was at the GK corporation and had been chased into the office out of fear by someone like this.

Tonight, the same feeling resurfaced again, and Huo Mian’s first instinct was to run as far as she could. However, to no one’s surprise, the man in black followed.

Based on the approaching footsteps, Huo Mian felt like he was almost about to catch up to her. Good thing she was very familiar with the hospital structure and could avoid running into a dead end.

As Huo Mian ran, she screamed loudly, “HELP! Somebody HELP ME!”

But, little did she know, the man had already played with the recording of the cameras before his arrival. The only thing that the yawning security guards were seeing was a still-image of the perfectly calm and empty hallway.

At this moment in time, no one knew what Huo Mian was going through.

“You seem to be very afraid of me?” The man laughed hysterically, causing the tiny hairs on Huo Mian’s arm to rise.

As Huo Mian ran towards the stairway, she quickly calculated – there was not enough time to run to the first floor. The stairs were too steep, so he could easily catch up to her. Without wasting another second, she bit her lips and ran for the rooftop.

The man chuckled at Huo Mian’s decision. “This ought to be fun.”

Seemingly very familiar with the hospital structure as well, the man followed Huo Mian’s footsteps towards the rooftop.

The cold wind howled on the rooftop of South Side. Huo Mian stopped in her tracks as there were no more paths ahead of her.

Cleverly, she hid the needle full of anesthesia around her wrist sleeve, waiting for a moment to strike. This was the last item on her that was providing her any comfort.

“Keep running. Why did you stop?” The man laughed.

Huo Mian turned her head to look at him. She panted, trying to catch her breath, but remained silent in the face of his mockery.

“Twelve floors, huh. If you jump, Qin Chu’s heart would break, Su Yu’s heart would break, and… Huo Siqian’s heart would also break. What should we do?” He smiled.

“Huo Siqian, I know it’s you. Quit bullshitting me,” Huo Mian said calmly.

“Huo Siqian? Oh no, you’ve made a mistake, I’m not him. I’m not a coward like him. If I were to come out earlier, you would have been mine already. Why would I need to wait all these years?”

Upon hearing his response, a realization dawned upon Huo Mian. It looks like all the previous theories were correct… Huo Siqian’s second personality had appeared.

Holy shit, I’m so f*cking unlucky. She thought to herself.



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