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(Coming Events Cast Their Shadows Before Them (8)

“Alright, I’ll stop teasing you.” Huo Mian laughed.

“You should get out of here. The entire city is talking about my case so the media’s definitely at the front door. You already have a lot of issues with Qin Chu and with all of those stupid people gossiping and making things up, the misunderstanding’s probably getting worse.” Su Yu was very understanding.

“Yeah, time’s probably up soon. I should go.” Huo Mian looked at her watch. The ten minutes were almost up.

“Mian… will you come to see me again?” Su Yu was worried. If he really didn’t get out this time, or if his grandpa sends him away for medical leave, it would be incredibly difficult for him to see Huo Mian.

He had never left her for long periods of time ever since he first met her.

“I won’t come here anymore.” Huo Mian looked serious.

Su Yu lowered his head in disappointment.

He then heard Huo Mian say, “Because I will clear your name and get you out of here. Nothing will happen to you. Don’t worry.”

With that, Huo Mian turned around and left, fast like the wind, just like her personality.

When Su Yu looked up again, all he could see was a faint silhouette.

How could he not love a woman like this?

She was gentle when she needed to be and strong when the situation called for it.

She never acts like a princess. She was calm, cool and collected, brilliant and open-minded, and she would do anything for her friends.

God didn’t give Huo Mian a gorgeous face but he gave her everything else.

Time was the best test of people. As the years go by, a person’s outward beauty was the least reliable trait.

What makes someone beautiful will always be their personality…

Huo Mian never boasted about herself and never made promises she could not keep. If she promised to get Su Yu out of trouble, she definitely had a plan.

Su Yu realized that, somewhere along the way, he had developed 100% trust in this woman.

In order to avoid the annoying reporters, Gao Ran personally walked Huo Mian out of the station.

They left through the side door…

“I’ll find a way to solve Su Yu’s case,” Huo Mian promised.

“I know that you’re friends. You’ll definitely help him… but Huo Mian, you and Qin Chu…” Gao Ran clearly wanted to ask about what was going on between the couple.

“We’re fine, don’t worry about us. The important thing right now is Su Yu’s case. Let me know immediately if anything happens here.”


“Then I’m leaving. Thank you, Gao Ran,” Huo Mian said her goodbyes politely and then got into her car and drove off.

– Inside a coffee shop –

Zhang Manlin arrived to meet Qin Chu, donning Huo Mian’s favorite clothes.

Indeed, she was manipulative and calculating.

At the sight of Qin Chu, her face lit up with a smile. “President Qin, you’re late by a minute.”

Was she flirting with him?

Stoic, Qin Chu sat down across from her.

Seeing no response from him, she felt a little awkward. She took out a beautiful bag.

“These are specialties from my parents’ village. They harvested these themselves. It’s really delicious. Have a taste, and if you like them, I can bring them to you all the time.”

Zhang Manlin felt that, since she was being so incredibly cute, she would leave Qin Chu with a good impression of her.

“Your earrings are nice.” Qin Chu stared at Zhang Manlin, smiling coldly.

“Oh… my earrings are fake. I can’t afford the real ones.” Zhang Manlin cursed at herself in her head. How did she forget to take off her Christmas limited-edition Dior earrings? She used a card Huo Siqian gave her and swiped away over 30 thousand yuan to buy this pair.

What did Qin Chu mean by it? Unless… Was he suspect something? Zhang Manlin felt more and more guilty.



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