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(The Game of the Twins (16)

“Yes.” Qin Chu nodded, and Huo Mian felt her legs almost give out.

Immediately, the two of them drove out looking for the twins.

On the Food Street, Qin Chu and Huo Mian met up with Qin Ning and Tang Chuan. On the side, Mr. Qin’s face was covered in tears.

“Dad, what happened?” Qin Chu’s voice arrived before he actually stood in front of Mr. Qin.

“Little Bean said she wanted to eat grilled squids and stinky tofu. I thought it was along the way, so I parked here and brought them out on the street.”

“When did you realize the kids were gone?”

“I was paying for the noodles we just ate. It was just a couple of minutes, and by the time I turned around, they were gone.”

“Dad, you didn’t call them immediately?”

“I did. Initially, it was dialing, but then it went to voice mail.” Mr. Qin’s face was full of regret as he blamed everything on himself.

“Don’t worry, perhaps the kids just went out to play, or they went to buy more food. Maybe they are still here…” Huo Mian’s voice trailed off as she continued, and it sounded as if she was unable to convince herself at the end.

“Sis-in-Law, I looked up and down the street many times with Chuan already… They’re not here anymore.”

“Has anyone else seen them? There are so many people here; they wouldn’t have just mysteriously disappeared.”

“I asked around, but no one saw anything. There are too many people here, I don’t think anyone noticed with all these people passing by,” said Qin Ning, holding back tears.

“It’s all my fault… They’re flying to the U.S tonight, if I didn’t bring them here, nothing would have happened to them. This is all my fault! If something happens to my granddaughters, it won’t be enough even if I die a thousand times,” said Mr. Qin as tears continued to stream down from his face.

When Mr. Qin was young, he was a well-known tough man. Now that he was older, his granddaughters were basically the apples of his eyes and his entire world. He never had the heart to raise his voice or scold the twins. So, if he really ended up losing them, he would surely not be able to live on.

“Dad, calm down. Little Bean and Pudding are not regular kids; they’re very intelligent and are highly educated. They’re not gullible, so we should calm down and look for other solutions,” Huo Mian comforted her father-in-law.

“Mian is right, Dad. Don’t panic, leave this with us. You go back home first. Mom doesn’t know this yet, don’t tell her,” Qin Chu chimed in.

“I’m not going back, I’m staying here to wait for Pudding and Little Bean,” Mr. Qin said stubbornly.

“Perhaps we should call the police. The more people we have, the easier it is to search,” Qin Ning proposed.

“No, it’s not quite the same here as the U.S. If the two kids are kidnapped, they might be in danger if we call the cops. If we infuriate the kidnappers, they might… kill them.”

“Hey! Tang Chuan, have you forgotten how to talk? Why are you talking about the kids being killed or be in danger! Shut your mouth.” Qin Ning was already in a terrible mood, and she completely exploded upon hearing Tang Chuan’s words.

“You can’t blame me for that, I’m just telling the truth.” Tang Chuan couldn’t help but feel wronged.

“Tang Chuan is not wrong, we’re not sure what the situation is yet, so we can’t blindly call the cops,” Qin Chu took out his phone and made a phone call.

“I want access to all the cameras of this street,” he said coldly.

Huo Mian, on the other hand, called the two kids’ phones repeatedly, but their phones remained off.

Finally, she secretly sent out a text message, “Huo Siqian, do you have my daughters?”



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