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(A Beautiful Counterattack (3)

“You…” Everything changed instantly and Zhang Manlin didn’t know how to respond to the Qin Chu like this.

“You can make up your mind now.”

“President Qin, do you… not like me at all?” Zhang Manlin asked shamelessly, or to be more accurate, without having any self-awareness.

“Like you? Are you kidding me right now?” The way that Qin Chu looked at her was like he was looking at a clown.

“But weren’t you interested in me before?” Zhang Manlin wasn’t reconciled to the answer.

“Are you saying that I should like you just because you have the same face as my wife?” Qin Chu questioned.

“President Qin… if I choose to help you, we… I mean, your relationship with your wife isn’t that great anyway. Do I still have a chance to be with you?” Zhang Manlin was still daydreaming at this moment.

“I heard that my daughters visited you today.” Qin Chu suddenly changed the topic and talked about Little Bean and Pudding.

“Your daughters came to pick on me. They trashed my office, mocked me in front of all my colleagues, and even embarrassed me excessively by feeding me a bug…” Zhang Manlin complained to Qin Chu because she felt wronged.

“So?” Qin Chu seemed indifferent.

“So, President Qin… I think kids won’t do these things normally, I think it must be Huo… oh no, our vice-director told her kids something bad about me. Vice Director seems to be a nice person and everybody says that she’s kindhearted, but I think she plays mind games sometimes…” Zhang Manlin said directly, too lazy to even sugar coat her words. She would only be happy if she talked about all the wrongs that Huo Mian had done.

“My daughters are always like that. If their mommy doesn’t stop them, it would’ve been worse than this… that’s why having you eat a bug is already considered merciful.”

Zhang Manlin was caught speechless.

“President Qin, as an influential family in the upper class, how can you educate your kids like this? It’s fine that you work hard and don’t have time, but as a mother, how can Vice Director not educate her kids well…” Zhang Manlin really wanted to say that the twins were ill-mannered, but she didn’t have the guts.

Yet, Qin Chu still could tell what she wanted to say and retorted upon her, “My daughters are obedient and they usually behave well, that is unless they meet scum.”

Zhang Manlin didn’t say anything as her face darkened.

“Certainly, I’m not saying that you are one. Little Bean probably wanted to pull a prank on you.”

“She couldn’t pull a prank like that. I think that the kids wouldn’t have done this without the Vice Director’s instigation. When I see Vice Director tomorrow, I will ask her in person because I can’t be wronged like that.”

“I think what you really should be doing right now is considering whose side you will be taking. Don’t you think it’s meaningless thinking about other things now?”

“I… President Qin, I won’t ask to be with you. Is it okay that I ask to work at GK after everything’s done?” Zhang Manlin begged.

“Okay.” This request was relatively easy compared to the other ones. Qin Chu approved with pleasure.

“Then… I’ll take your side. I will report to you anytime if I hear anything from him.”

“Okay.” Qin Chu was about to get up and leave.

“President Qin… Vice Director likes Su Yu a lot, don’t you care about that?” Zhang Manlin asked.



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