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(The Game of the Twins (8)

“What’s with that face?” Su Yu couldn’t contain his laughter after this Huo Mian like this.

“Dude, what kind of person do you think I am? Threaten him? Are you serious?” Huo Mian laughed as she ate.

“Then how did you handle the bastard? Did you seduce him or something?” Su Yu went on and on, looking at Huo Mian with a stupidly cute face.

“Seduce him? That’s funny. I don’t think he’d fall for a face like mine.”

“So… what did you do to make him drop the case?” Su Yu became more and more curious.

Huo Mian proceeded to calmly describe to Su Yu how Lin Mingyu re-examined the wounds. She also included the story of Zhao Yaqing’s younger sister.

“Wow… Doctor Huo, I think you just gained a new fan,” Su Yu said like he just became Huo Mian’s little fangirl.


“I will no longer pray to the heavens or the earth. I will only pray to you from now on. Your brain… is better than all of ours combined. Grandpa even talked about sending me abroad… but you took care of it this easily?” Su Yu looked at Huo Mian in awe.

Who said men didn’t love smart women? Men like that were probably idiots themselves. Intelligent men definitely preferred intelligent women.

They would get tired of the idiots around them…

For example, Su Yu would never fall for Zhao Qingya, Cotton Candy, and the others while Qin Chu would never fall for Song Yishi or the stupid likes of Zhang Manlin.

They thought that they were smart, but compared to Huo Mian’s wisdom, their little tricks and manipulative ways fell short by a wide margin.

“Don’t be so certain. He hasn’t dropped the case yet. I’m only guessing that he will in the next two days if things go smoothly. After all, he’s not an idiot. He won’t cheat himself, especially when he discovers that the situation’s not in his favor.”

“Mian… how am I supposed to repay you for all that you’ve done for me?” Su Yu gazed tenderly at Huo Mian.

“No need to thank me. This is what friends are for. In all honesty, people who truly care about you never only appear during glorious times. Instead, they’d reach out their gentle hands to you during times of crisis, despite how poorly you’re doing. You helped me during my darkest days and now I’m simply repaying the favor.”

“Haha, that was nothing. Are you going to remember it for the rest of your life?” Su Yu scratched his head, clearly embarrassed.

For the past couple of years, Huo Mian seemed to always talk about how the Su Family helped her; Su Yu would get embarrassed every time she mentioned it.

“Yes, I’m going to remember it forever.” Huo Mian looked very serious.

“What about me? Mian… will you remember me forever? No matter what happens in the future, no matter if I live or die, if I’m happy or sad, if I’m next to you or not… will you remember me forever?” Su Yu suddenly became emotional.

“I will. I’ll remember you forever. Your name is forever ingrained in my heart. You’ll always be my most important friend.” Huo Mian promised.

“Then… what about compared to Qin Chu? If the day comes where both Qin Chu and I are in danger, who would you save?” Although he knew it was a foolish question, Su Yu still had to ask.

“Su Yu…” Huo Mian hesitated.

“It’s okay. Just be honest. I won’t get mad, haha. I know what I am to you.” Su Yu smiled through his tears, clearly insecure.



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