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(The Game of the Twins (1)

The man in black pulled down his scarf and revealed an unfamiliar face.

“Madam, I am the hidden bodyguard who has been protecting you under orders from Mister,” the man said.

“My husband?” Huo Mian asked with uncertainty.

That man nodded…

“How come he never told me?” Huo Mian bit her lip.

“Mister is afraid that if he finds people to follow Madam at all times, you will feel restrained just like you’re under surveillance. That’s why he doesn’t let us tell you. In fact, everyday… when Madam is on the way to work and home, in the hospital, works overtime, performs an operation, even hanging out with friends, different hidden bodyguards are protecting you. I’m just one of them.”

“So… my husband has actually been allocating many people to protect me secretly?” Huo Mian was slightly surprised.

He nodded…

Huo Mian instantly felt a thread of warmth in her heart. Silent actions certainly outweighed sweet talk a hundred times.

Mr. Qin never promised anything or sweet-talked her, but the things he did were very touching.

“This Mr. Qin… I have to talk to him when I’m free. I almost thought Yan’s subordinate came to my rescue.” Huo Mian smiled.

“Is Madam talking about the Second Young Madam?” It seemed like this hidden bodyguard did know quite a lot.

“You know my younger sister too?”

“Madam’s sister indeed arranged someone to protect you secretly, but that person didn’t do anything because I was faster…”

“What you mean is… my sister’s subordinate is also protecting me?” Huo Mian was shocked.


“Gosh…” Huo Mian thought she was going to die at that instant.

Unexpectedly, her most beloved family and husband set up multiple safety measures.

“I thought that I would die for sure when I jumped… Haha, I was scared to death. Now that we are talking about it… since so many of you were protecting me, why didn’t you come out earlier? Why bother coming out when I fell? If I really fell, wouldn’t I be so dead?” Huo Mian was horrified.

“It wouldn’t happen. We calculated already. Even if you fell, there were people down there to catch you and wouldn’t let anything happen to Madam. We didn’t do anything on the rooftop because… we would be too exposed on the rooftop. There were many surveillance cameras, and many people were on watch. It was too complicated. Once our identities are exposed, witnesses will be very troublesome. That’s why we didn’t show up earlier. Sorry about that, Madam.”

“So that’s how it is. I get it now…” Huo Mian instantly understood the whole story.

“Ah…” All of a sudden, a piercing pain came from her stomach.

“How are you feeling, Madam?” The man in black was extremely nervous.

“I’m fine… I have a bad stomachache probably because I was startled. I’ll take some medication when I get back. Bring me downstairs to my office first.”

“Absolutely, Madam. Please slow down and follow me.”

Huo Mian finally returned back to her office under the assistance of the man in black.

Today was a day with a narrow escape…

After they went back, the man in black was sent away by Huo Mian. Huo Mian sneakily went to the gynecological examination room, did a type-B ultrasonic test for herself, and saw the baby’s pulse and heartbeat clearly…

“The little guy has been here for forty days… What a tenacious kid… I hope nothing happens to you. Mommy… will work hard for sure.”

Huo Mian put her hand on top of her stomach. She found out her underwear had a light trace of bloodstain when she went to the washroom.

It was probably caused by the shock when she fell just now…

She was especially afraid that she would have a miscarriage. Even if Mr. Qin and the others didn’t know about it, it was still her baby.



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