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(If God Wants You Dead, He Will Make You Crazy First (9)

Huo Mian: “Something happened at the hospital.”

“Why do you have to go?” Qin Chu was as cold as could be.

Huo Mian: “Liu Ze’s in trouble… and Su Yu’s also involved. I have to go and take a look.”

Qin Chu: “Liu Ze… Su Yu… Mian, why are you worried about everyone but me?”

Huo Mian was already frustrated and, Qin Chu’s questioning tone made her even madder.

She suddenly remembered their pretend-fight. Master Qin wouldn’t act like this normally… he was definitely pretending.

Could it be that the living room was also bugged?

She had no time to think so she carried on the act.

“When have I ever not cared about you? Qin Chu, grow up, okay?”

“You can’t leave. We have to eat dinner as a family.”

“I can’t. It’s an emergency.” Huo Mian was extremely worried.

“Huo Mian, you’re only the vice director. The hospital still has Director Wu…you don’t have to take care of everything.” Qin Chu was furious.

“Okay, I don’t have to care about Liu Ze, but what about Su Yu? Do you really expect me to not care about him?”

“So… who is Su Yu to you?” Qin Chu’s chilling gaze grazed past Huo Mian’s face.

“What… do you mean?” Huo Mian was taken aback.

“Am I not being clear enough? Mian… be honest… during the four years of my absence… you’ve become more than friends with Su Yu, haven’t you?”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“You know exactly what I’m talking about.”

“I don’t have time for this bull. I need to go to the hospital.”

“If you go, don’t come back.”

Huo Mian was already at the door. She turned back suddenly at Qin Chu’s words.

“Say that again.”

“I said… if you choose to not listen to me… if you choose to worry about other men… you don’t have to come back anymore.”

You’re being serious… this is not a joke, right?” Huo Mian felt pain in her heart.

“I would never joke about something like this.” Qin Chu was incredibly serious.

“Alright, I got it. Don’t regret this.”

With that, Huo Mian left without looking back…

After she left, Qin Chu lifted up an ancient, decorative vase and smashed it on the ground.

In an instant, the vase shattered into pieces.

“Daddy… what’s wrong?” Little Bean watched her angry father from the second-floor stairs.

Qin Ning, along with Pudding, also came downstairs. “Bro, what happened?”

Qin Chu remained silent…

“Pudding, Little Bean, if Mommy and Daddy get a divorce. Who do you want to stay with?” Qin Chu looked up at his daughters.

“Nooooo!!! Daddy, don’t divorce Mommy!!!! Wahh!!!!” Little Bean began to cry.

Pudding, on the other hand, looked more than calm. “Either. It doesn’t really matter to me.”

Qin Ning:“…”

“Bro… what are you talking about? What divorce? How many hardships have the two of you went through to be together? Even life and death couldn’t separate you guys and now you’re fighting like this just because of a little misunderstanding?! Is it because of Zhang Manlin? Watch, I’m going to rip her face off tomorrow!” Qin Ning yelled out of frustration.

“It’s none of your business.”

“Bro… I’m just worried about you.”

“I don’t need you to worry about me. Ning-Ning, listen, pack up tonight and take my parents, Little Bean, and Pudding back to the U.S. I’ll order the earliest plane ticket for you,” Qin Chu said with a serious face.

“Are you trying to get rid of us? What about Sis-in-Law? What’s going to happen to Sis-in-Law?” Qin Ning asked.



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