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(The Game of the Twins (5)

The corners of Huo Siqian’s mouth rose…

“What are you smiling at?” The female assassin stared at him, her eyes shifting from uncertainty.

“There are many who want me dead but I’m still alive. Do you know why?” Huo Siqian laughed.

The female assassin didn’t respond. She didn’t know what Huo Siqian had up his sleeves.

“Because none of them knows just how difficult it is to kill me. Even Satan himself can’t.”

As he finished his sentence, the female assassin pulled the trigger…

President Qin had told her to end the man’s life when she got the chance, no questions asked and no hesitation; she didn’t need to take him alive.

A quick kill was the best way to defeat someone like Huo Siqian.

Unfortunately, after the sound of a gunshot, it was the female assassin that fell to the ground…

Ah-Cheng walked over to Huo Siqian, putting down the gun in his hand.

“Boss, are you okay?” Ah-Cheng helped Huo Siqian up.

“I’m okay.”

“Definitely sent by Qin Chu. She’s pretty good.” Ah-Cheng glanced at the dead assassin and analyzed.

“Qin Chu is calmer than this. Unless…something happened?” Huo Siqian mumbled to himself.

“Boss…actually…last night…” Ah-Cheng looked hesitant.

“What happened last night? Tell me.” Huo Siqian’s cold gaze swept across Ah-Cheng’s face.

“Last night… Miss Huo…” Ah-Cheng’s voice wavered.

“What happened to Mian?” Huo Siqian grabbed Ah-Cheng’s collar, livid.

“Last night, Miss Huo was injured…”

“She’s injured? How did she get injured? Who injured her? Huh?” Huo Siqian clenched his teeth, his voice chilling.

“It was… you… well, no, it was Mr. Jack. Mr. Jack forced Miss Huo to jump off the rooftop. Luckily, nothing bad happened… and it was just a minor injury. So, I’m thinking Qin Chu’s mad and blaming this all on you, Sir,” Ah-Cheng replied.

“My Mian’s hurt?!… Damn it!” Huo Siqian felt both guilty and angry.

“It’s not really your fault, Boss, you didn’t know either… after all…” Ah-Cheng paused, afraid to say more.

“Where’s my medication?” Huo Siqian looked up suddenly.

“Here.” Ah-Cheng passed over a white pill bottle.

Enraged, Huo Siqian opened up the bottle and poured out a handful of pills, swallowing up all of it.

“Boss… that’s too much, It’s bad for your health…” Ah-Cheng was worried about the side effects on his boss.

“I’m not eating enough medication because I’m too worried about my health. This is what gave Jack the chance. My Mian… probably blames me for everything he did. That’s really unfair.”

“You’ll have the chance to explain everything to her later,” Ah-Cheng comforted.

After they got rid of the assassin’s corpse, they got back into the car. Huo Siqian’s mood was very low, his expression heavy all throughout the way.

Once his second identity came out, he became a completely different person; he couldn’t remember most of what had happened.

Only a few memorable moments replayed in his brain, memories he could possibly recall.

So, with nothing mentioned to him, he wouldn’t remember the fact that it was he who forced Huo Mian off the building the previous night.

As far as Huo Siqian and Ah-Cheng were concerned, Jack and Huo Siqian were two completely different people; they were merely sharing a physical body.

Huo Siqian loved Huo Mian deeply; he couldn’t bear to see her hurt… He would rather die for her.

Jack, on the other hand, didn’t love Huo Mian. However, because he knew how deeply Huo Siqian loved her, he wanted to possess and destroy.

The car came to a gradual stop before the Yan Mansion.

Huo Siqian got off his car and walked inside…

“What are you doing here?! Haven’t you done enough to my daughter?!” Mrs.Yan glared at Huo Siqian.



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