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(Coming Events Cast Their Shadows Before Them (18)

Three seconds later, whatever was under Zhang Manlin’s bottom exploded, a smell of chemicals following her shriek.

It turned out that Little Bean had placed a small firecracker under Zhang Manlin’s seat warmer that ignited under pressure. The good news was that the firecracker was very small, and Zhang Manlin was wearing thick pants. Therefore, her bottom was barely scratched.

She was extremely embarrassed, but she had to get treated at inpatient services – her left bottom was red, swollen, and hurt upon contact. Although it wasn’t a serious injury, the humiliation felt overbearing.

“Damn that little kid…” Zhang Manlin noted what happened today for future revenge.

Finally, the twins met up in their car.

“Sis, how was it?” Little Bean smiled at her sister.

“Extremely smooth.”

“How’s the scumbag Liu Ze?”

“I spilled cola on his wound, so it probably needs to be redressed. I bet he won’t be able to sleep tonight,” Pudding said nonchalantly.

“Haha, nice job!”

“What about you?”

“Me? I went according to the plan… I threw flower petals on Zhang Manlin’s head and fed her a bug.”

Pudding: “…”

“It took me a while to find one on the grapevines in our backyard this morning! The bug was really fat and plump, I’m sure it was delicious.”

“Please change the subject, I still want to enjoy lunch later.” Pudding was speechless; she almost felt bad for Zhang Manlin.

“I also placed a firecracker on her seat before I left, haha, I bet her butt’s on fire right now!”

“Good job. Grandpa Li, let’s go home,” Pudding said.

“Yes, Miss Pudding.” Then, Uncle Li took the twins back to South Hill…

After busying about all morning, Chen Jie heard about what happened when she was having lunch with her colleagues. She didn’t even know what the twins were here! How mad would Huo Mian be if she found out…

After leaving the Municipal Bureau, Huo Mian didn’t go home. She called Wei Liao, Tang Chuan, and Jiang Xiaowei out for lunch. The five of them sat together to discuss the next steps for Su Yu.

“I’m looking for evidence right now, Wei Liao, the media…”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it. I’ll buy netizens and drown the scandal,” Wei Liao nodded.

“What can I do?” Tang Chuan asked anxiously.

“Tang Chuan, if you have time, can you look into Liu Ze?” Huo Mian asked.

“I thought Yu did already, and he’s fine, no? What would I be able to find?” Tang Chuan asked with surprise.

“Don’t just look into Liu Ze, look into everyone who’s been in close contact with him over the years, especially ex-girlfriends… I’m sure he’s dated over the years, and he doesn’t look like he’s gay. You know a lot of people, you should be able to dig something up.”

“Okay, I understand. Leave it to me.” Tang Chuan nodded with admiration towards Huo Mian’s wits.

“Mian, how can I help?” Jiang Xiaowei asked.

“Xiaowei, a lot of things have been happening at home, Qin Chu and I… It’s a long story. We don’t want the twins to see us fighting at home, and I know you’re off this weekend, can you take care of Pudding and Little Bean for me? That way I can concentrate on helping Su Yu.”

“That’s easy, I’ll pick them up Friday after work.”


After lunch, Huo Mian was driving home when she received a call from Huo Siqian.

“What are you trying to do now?” Huo Mian asked, straight up.



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