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(Coming Events Cast Their Shadows Before Them (17)

Little Bean picked at her pockets and soon, took out a fat white bug.

Everyone’s expressions changed drastically…

Little Bean slowly said, “Oh, crap, I fed you the wrong bug, I was going to give this bug to you, it’s very nutritious and filled with protein… It’s supposed to make you prettier. But I was in such a hurry just now that I fed you the wrong one.”

“So what did you feed me?” Zhang Manlin bellowed.

“I think I fed you a bug that had a horn on its forehead… I found it this morning in my back garden, and the shape was really similar so I must’ve mistaken that one for this one. But don’t worry, Auntie Zhang, I looked it up. That bug is also safe to eat, you’ll be fine.”

As soon as Little Bean finished her last sentence, Zhang Manlin ran out of the office and into the bathroom… and she began throwing her guts out…

Everyone in the office was dumbfounded… Some of them even got goosebumps. They all thought Little Bean was just joking around, but she was not.

“Little Bean, how can you treat Auntie Zhang like that?” one of the women asked.

“I’m treating her extremely nicely already… She got plastic surgery to look like my mommy and is trying to steal my daddy, am I supposed to lick her shoes?”

Little Bean stopped pretending and told them the truth. Upon hearing what she said, everyone in the office fell silent.

“Zhang Manlin won’t be here for long, and I know she’ll meet an ugly end… so you shouldn’t get too close to her because you may be affected if anything were to happen to her. If the tree burns, so will its leaves, am I right?” Little Bean asked as she looked around the office. Then, she took out a napkin, wiped off her hand, and turned around to leave. However, as if she suddenly remembered something, Little Bean walked up to Zhang Manlin’s desk, took something out of her bag, placed it on her chair and placed her seat warmer back on…

Everyone in the office saw what she did.

“I hope no one will tell her about this, or else… my mommy can fire anyone in this office in the blink of an eye. I’m sure you guys are thinking why a little kid like me can be so vicious. But it’s okay, my sister and I were born different than other kids, so I don’t need anyone to understand me. Thank you for your cooperation, have a good day.” Little Bean then walked out of the accounting department…

“Oh my god, she’s only three, how can she be so scary!” a female employee exclaimed.

“I heard that Vice Director Huo’s daughters are really smart. Looks like the rumor wasn’t exaggerated at all, she already thinks like a grownup! She might be more mentally mature than some of us…” someone else murmured.

“Little Bean may be young, but she has a point, we should stay away from Zhang Manlin… she seems like bad luck.”

After throwing up for almost half an hour, Zhang Manlin went up to the X-Ray department to be sure. She was worried that the bug may be poisonous, but everything came out to be normal. The only after-effect was that she kept gagging at the thought of her swallowing a disgusting bug.

She stormed back into her office, ready to teach that little kid a lesson…

“Where is she?” Zhang Manlin demanded.

“Little Bean left already,” someone responded quietly.

“She left? Hmph, I’m not going to let this go,” Then, Zhang Manlin sat down onto her chair angrily



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