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(The Game of the Twins (6)

“Where’s Yan Ruoxi?” Huo Siqian asked coldly.

“Leave now! You think you can do anything just because you have money? My daughter’s a fool for loving you. Look at what you’ve done to her.”

“Is she upstairs?” Huo Siqian rushed upstairs.

“What are you doing? I’m calling the police,” Mrs. Yan roared.

“Call the police? Sure…I actually have evidence to prove Mayor Yan’s corruption that would be of interest to the police.” Huo Siqian looked back, sneering.


Mrs. Yan immediately shut her mouth.

Then, Huo Siqian walked upstairs and pushed open Yan Ruoxi’s room door.

Yan Ruoxi was badly injured from the previous night but she was too afraid to go to the hospital.

It was because she was afraid of how the media would report the situation and how it would negatively influence her father’s reputation. In the end, she invited private doctors into her home to treat her wounds.

Although the physical wounds weren’t serious, the experience left her traumatized.

Yan Ruoxi couldn’t fall asleep; she didn’t dare close her eyes. Even if she was incredibly tired, she had to have the lights turned on and her eyes had to be open.

Because… every time she closed her eyes she would see the horrifying wolf.

“You… you… leave… I don’t want to see you.” Yan Ruoxi began to tremble at the sight of Huo Siqian, even covering her head with the blanket.

“You saw him?” Huo Siqian asked.

“Who? Wasn’t… that you? Why else would he have been in your home?” Yan Ruoxi couldn’t stop trembling.

“That wasn’t me. That was my twin brother.” Huo Siqian made up a lie.

After all, he didn’t want anyone to know about his split personality.

“Brother? You… when did you get a twin brother? Why hasn’t anyone mentioned this before?” Yan Ruoxi came out of her covers, curious as could be.

“Because my little brother’s mentally ill. He has been ill ever since he was a child so my father sent him to the countryside. I pitied him… and brought him back… Unfortunately, he’s seriously ill and he hurts people left and right. So, the only thing I could do was lock him up in the secret room.”

“Then what was the wolf about?” Yan Ruoxi asked.

“The wolf is his friend from the countryside so it wanted to tag along. I locked both of them up. Yesterday evening, when I was giving them food, he attacked me and locked me inside. He pretended to be me when he ran out. Ah-Cheng told me that he did a lot of bad things… right? Ruoxi… I’m so sorry. I apologize for my brother Jack.”

At the height of his story, Huo Siqian reached out his hand and placed it on top of Yan Ruoxi’s hand.

“He’s… really… you’re younger brother?” Yan Ruoxi was absolutely confused.

“Yes… because it’s embarrassing… we’ve always kept it a secret. Ruoxi, you’ll keep it a secret for me, right? You won’t tell anyone?” Huo Siqian asked.

“I… won’t. Don’t worry, Qian-Qian, I won’t tell anyone.”

“Thank you, Ruoxi.”

“Qian-Qian… what about our wedding at the end of the month? Are we…”

“We’ll go through with it, of course.” Huo Siqian smiled.

“Then should we get our marriage license?” Yan Ruoxi asked.

A cold glace flashed past Huo Siqian’s eyes but he smiled. “We can get our license after the ceremony. All of my identification and company documents are overseas for review. You know about my plans to branch out into the foreign market, right?”

“Oh, alright… okay, you decide.”

“You’re not well. Rest.” Huo Siqian patted Yan Ruoxi’s head.


After he handled Yan Ruoxi, Huo Siqian returned to his work at the Huo Corporation.

– GK Headquarters –

“President Qin, Misha failed. She was killed by Huo Siqian’s men. Her body was thrown into the dump.”

Qin Chu’s face darkened, his fist clenching…



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