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(Coming Events Cast Their Shadows Before Them (6)


“Yes, it’s me.”

“Why… why are you here?” Su Yu couldn’t believe his eyes. Huo Mian was there on the day of his capture.

Other than his mother, she was the first one to see him.

Tang Chuan and Wei Liao also visited but Gao Ran didn’t let them in.

It was not that he wanted to disrespect them. There was just too much media presence at the time. If he allowed them the visit, he was not sure what those reporters would write.

So, Gao Ran told them to come back in the middle of the night and sent Wei Liao and Tang Chuan away.

Huo Mian was luckier. She came to the station just in time for supper.

All media personnel and malicious spies left for dinner, leaving an open window for Huo Mian.

Although it was only 10 minutes, Huo Mian was very grateful.

“I’m here to see you, of course.” Huo Mian sat across from Su Yu.

“I feel much better now that I see you.” Su Yu smiled, almost shyly and timidly.

“Let’s not waste any time. Tell me what happened.”

“I…” Su Yu hesitated.

“Su Yu, tell me everything. I’ll help you get out of here. Trust me.”

“It’s not that I don’t trust you. Mian, I just…” Because the case concerned Huo Mian, Su Yu didn’t want to say too much. He was afraid that it would bring her more headaches.

“Don’t leave out any detail. I only have 10 minutes. Please, Su Yu, don’t make me more worried, okay?”

“Mian, you’re worried about me?” Su Yu looked at Huo Mian, moved.

“Of course, you’re a good friend of mine. How could I not worry?”

“Oh… right, I forgot, you’re always there for your friends. Of course, you’d care about this case of mine.”

“So, what happened last night? Why did you go to Liu Ze’s place at that time? You weren’t the one who injured Liu Ze, right? When did you go there? For how long? What did he say to you when my colleagues got there?” Huo Mian was as meticulous as could be, asking all the important questions.

After a moment of pause, Su Yu decided to tell her everything.

“Last night, I first had a drink with Wei Liao and Tang Chuan. Then, I got a weird call. Whoever called me said…”

Just like that, Su Yu recounted the entire previous night to Huo Mian, leaving behind no detail.

Huo Mian listened without responding, falling into deep thought.

“Mian, Liu Ze set me up, didn’t he?” Su Yu asked.

“Yes, you were set up and the timing was perfect. Five minutes after you got to his place, our people arrived just in time and became witnesses.”

“So, there’s nothing I can do to clear my name, is there…” Su Yu smiled bitterly, feeling a little helpless.

“No. I don’t care how clever he is. There’s definitely a hole somewhere and I’m not letting him get away with this.”

“Mian… actually, what I’m wondering about right now is… why? Why did Liu Ze do this? Did Huo Siqian tell him to do this?” Su Yu asked.

“No, if Huo Siqian was behind this, he’d target Qin Chu, not you…”

“That’s true.” Su Yu scratched his head, agreeing with Huo Mian’s logic.

“Su Yu, are you sure you don’t know Liu Ze? Think about it carefully. Maybe he’s someone from your past?”

“I really don’t know him. I swear.”

“Then… do you have any friends who know him? I feel like… he hates you… it seems personal.” Huo Mian slowly analyzed.



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