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(A Beautiful Counterattack (10)

Before Huo Mian responded, the nurses that crowded around them couldn’t bear it any longer.

“Does Zhang Manlin have no shame? I heard she’s been trying to seduce the vice director’s husband.”

“Yes, that’s what I heard too. She’s probably not here to work; rather, she’s here fishing for a rich husband. I overheard that she’s been surrounded by wealthy heirs previously. She’s got a ton of luxury brand perfume and bags. How could she possibly afford all of it with her salary? From what I can see, she’s definitely a professional mistress.”

“Is the vice director’s husband an idiot? She’s not even pretty, why is he sugar-daddying her?”

“Exactly! Anyone of the actresses from GK entertainment looks better than her. Why is he mingling with her? I don’t get it, can someone explain?”

“Are you guys dumb? Can’t you tell Zhang Manlin looks very similar to our vice director? From what I heard, the vice director’s husband loves her very much. But even then, she had kids and she’s getting older now. Given how Zhang Manlin looks like the younger vice director, it’s probably why her husband couldn’t resist the temptation.”

“I thought you guys said Zhang Manlin was a nice person and that she was easy going. From what I can see, she’s a scheming bitch!”

“Agreed. She should be ashamed of herself for breaking up a family.”

“I feel so bad for our vice director. She’s such a capable woman; I always thought she’s been living very happily.”

“Happily my ass, haven’t you heard the news? They’ve been living apart, and they are probably in the midst of a divorce. I heard the vice director is now with Mr. Su.”

“Isn’t that good news? Mr. Su always liked our vice director. He’s talented and she’s pretty, I think they are a match made in heaven.”

As Huo Mian stood there, listening to each and everyone’s opinion and thoughts, she didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry.

One should most definitely never listen to the rumors. If the rumors kept spreading at the same rate, she would probably someday overhear someone saying that she had passed.

As Huo Mian observed Zhang Manlin, who gloated arrogantly, she didn’t continue to mingle on the topic of her boyfriend. Instead, she asked directly, “Was the bug tasty?”

Zhang Manlin’s face changed immediately…

“Don’t worry. We don’t use pesticides in our vineyard. The bugs are allowed to grow freely, so they are all very high in protein.”

Zhang Manlin clenched her teeth, she still felt nauseous at the thought of being fed a bug by that damn kid.

As Huo Mian watched Zhang Manlin’s changing expression, she smirked. “Oh, that’s right. I also heard that you’ve been not feeling well. If you have injuries on your rear end and are feeling too much pain, you can ask for a sick day. South Side is rather sympathetic to these incidents.”

After a perfect rebuttal, Huo Mian walked directly to her Porsche, leaving the pale-faced Zhang Manlin behind.

“No wonder she graduated from a third-tier medical school. Her daughter’s got no manners, and she’s even worse!” Zhang Manlin murmured to herself grumpily.

“What the hell are you guys looking at? It’s got no business with you guys,” Zhang Manlin looked around and howled at the crowd of nurses that stood watching.

To prevent any escalation of the issue, everyone turned around without even acknowledging her.

As Zhang Manlin walked towards the finance department, she silently made a vow within her heart – Huo Mian, just you watch, I will rob you of your husband. You can be as arrogant and obnoxious as you like, right now. But, in the end, I will make sure you have absolutely nothing. You’ll be alive, but Huo Siqian will make you wish you were dead.

As Huo Mian was driving towards downtown, she received a message from Chen Jie.

“Sister Mian, I heard that Zhang Manlin bitch was bullying you! If I see her at the cafeteria during lunch, I won’t let her off easy.” Chen Jie had just overheard the incident from the bystanders and was furious.

Huo Mian smiled slightly. She put on her earphones and began replying to Chen Jie with a voice message.



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