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(Coming Events Cast Their Shadows Before Them (1)

Vice Director, are you only worried about Su Yu? It’s not like he’s your husband. Why are you so nice to him?”

Liu Ze’s eyes flashed with hatred at Huo Mian’s mention of Su Yu.

“Su Yu is a good friend of mine,” Huo Mian replied honestly.

“But I’m also your good employee. Vice director, you can’t play favorites.”

“Liu Ze… I’ll be frank. There’s a lot of rumors right now… and this thing is getting out of hand. I don’t know if you’re doing this on purpose or not… why are you targeting Su Yu…”

“Obviously because it was Su Yu who injured me.”

You’re lying. Su Yu would never do that. He doesn’t even know you. Why would he hurt you? What motive would he have?” Huo Mian glared at Liu Ze, mad as could be.

“You’re right. He doesn’t know me but he definitely has a motive,” Liu Ze said with certainty.

“What motive?”

“He likes you. Everyone in the world knows this.” Liu Ze made sure his voice was loud enough.

“So?” Huo Mian responded calmly.

“So, when he learned about my feelings toward you and how I tried to get close to you, he couldn’t take it. Especially when I was exhausted yesterday, I even got to shake your hand. There are a lot of people in our hospital and a lot of eyes watching. Who knows, maybe Su Yu has eyes here too.”

Your explanation makes no sense. Do you know who Su Yu is? With the power he has, he could kill you in a million ways. He wouldn’t do it himself.”

“But doing it himself would properly vent his rage out. He even told me to stay away from you. I can’t believe how much power you have over him. You’re already married and you’ve still got him, a man who’s more powerful than god, wrapped around your fingers. I really admire you…” Liu Ze spewed out words of contempt and mockery.

It was almost like he became a different person. He didn’t care about their old school bond at all.

“Liu Ze, why are you doing this?”

“Vice director, you’re funny. I’m just an ordinary employee. What possible reason could I have?” Liu Ze refused to give in.

“Stop pretending. You planned this from the very beginning, starting with encouraging Han Xu to ask me to go to the party. I didn’t expose you because I didn’t want to be associated with someone like you…But you’ve been causing a lot of problems recently, playing games with me. I thought you wanted to hurt me… but you actually made a move on Su Yu…why?”

Huo Mian took full advantage of the empty hospital ward, being as direct with Liu Ze as possible.

“Huo Mian, you really are clever…” Liu Ze laughed proudly.

“But, you’re too imaginative. Did you make all of that up in your brain just now? Haha… are you a director? Creating something so dramatic… I’m the victim here. Did you look at the medical records? Two of the tendons in my wrist snapped. Do you think I’d do that to myself to frame Su Yu? I’m not insane. I wouldn’t do that to myself.”

“Are you sure you saw Su Yu? I’m warning you, if you point to the wrong person, the real killer will be out there… Later on… they might attack you again. Liu Ze, you’re not stupid. Think about the pros and cons.” Huo Mian warned.

Of course Liu Ze knew what Huo Mian meant…

But since he was already going down this path, there was no turning back. He had waited long enough for the opportunity.

“It was Su Yu. It’s him. He wants me dead,” Liu Ze replied with absolute certainty.



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