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(If God Wants You Dead, He Will Make You Crazy First (6)

“Who are you?” Liu Ze was horrified.

“Someone who is here for your life…”

The person used a voice changer, so their voice sounded very strange and was shaky too.

“Bro, how much money do you want…just say the number.”

Liu Ze naively believed that this was just someone that wanted money…

The man with the ax coldly snickered, “I’m only interested in your life.”

He swung the ax and Liu Ze immediately made a run for it, almost pissing his pants.

He dashed towards the bedroom…

Unfortunately, the man was faster. Before he could make it to his bedroom, the man grabbed his hair from behind.

The attacker slammed his head violently against the wall.

The strike made him go dizzy…

“Dude… if you’re going to kill me… At least let me know, what did I do to offend you?”

Liu Ze didn’t understand. He just came back to this country not long ago, and he didn’t make any enemies at the hospital too…

Wait, the hospital?

Liu Ze suddenly remembered something. He asked the person, “Did Qin Chu send you?”

He thought that Qin Chu was jealous of his close interactions with Huo Mian so he found someone to take care of him. “Qin Chu? Haha, he isn’t qualified to order me around.”

After speaking, he swung his ax again…

Liu Ze dodged it again, but his arm was pinned against the ground by the man’s foot.

You didn’t want to live a luxurious and comfortable life. Instead, you came back to die… I’ll give you death.”

After speaking, he swung his ax again…

Liu Ze realized that if he didn’t fight back, he was going to lose his life.

So, he slammed his head against that man’s stomach…

The ax flew far away, as the man didn’t expect his desperate attempt to fight.

Then, Liu Ze struggled to climb up…

However, that man didn’t let him go and pinned his arm down.

Liu Ze wanted a weapon and reached for a toolbox.

Before he could reach it, he felt a chill around his wrist…

Intense pain followed…

He turned around and saw that the man had slit his wrist with a dagger.

Blood spurted out, and it looked terrifying.

“Ah… Help, help,” he finally gave up and cried.

There were alarms installed to protect these rich people in this neighborhood. When it detected unusually high frequencies, it would automatically call the police. The alarm immediately began beeping…

The man with the skull mask finally rose and said, “I’ll let you go today.”

After speaking, he left…

Liu Ze struggled to climb up and wanted to go to the hospital. Suddenly, he got a wicked idea.

He slowly picked up his phone, used a number blocking app and called a number. He said, “I know a secret about Huo Mian. If you want to know, come to 5 Central Road, building number seven, suite 601.”

After speaking, he fell to the ground, exhausted. He finally called the hospital…

“I got hurt, come pick me up… Please be here in fifteen, I can take care of the wounds for now.”

The ER at South Side immediately began preparation after receiving the call.

-Inside a restaurant –

Su Yu, Tang Chuan, and Wei Liao met up for the first time in a while and were drinking.

Su Yu got a call, his face changed and he began to get ready to leave.

Yu, where are you going? What’s wrong?” Tang Chuan asked.



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