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(Everybody Loves Zhang Manlin (2)

“Don’t you know how Little Bean is? She likes to exaggerate things… Boyuan doesn’t understand her sometimes because his EQ isn’t that great.”

“Haha, yeah. We adults can never understand the world of kids.”

“Anyhow, I’ll tell you this, Mian. Take good care of yourself… If you feel tired, pause and rest up. If you feel bored, call us besties to hang out, sing karaoke, or eat. I can even find someone to look over the store for me so I can travel with you or something. When we’re well off, it’s easy to fill up the emptiness in our minds. I often tell those single cousins of mine to find someone well-off to marry. Don’t say that women are snobbish. The problem is that in this society, someone who’s not well off is not guaranteed to love you genuinely. Isn’t it better to find someone who’s financially stable? At least.” he丨s rich. Did you come across a popular saying on WeChat just a while ago?”

“What is it?” Huo Mian smiled and asked out of curiosity.

“After thinking for a long time, I still think money is the most reliable. Without money, I can only buy two cans of beer and a bag of chicken feet and cry on the side of the road when I’m down. If I have money, I can sit in a hot spring with a graceful background of mountain ranges and cry while having a facial mask put on and drinking good wine at the same time. If I have money, I can cry in New York, cry in London, cry in Rome, and cry in Paris. I’ll cry when I party, cry elegantly and cry however I want and whenever I want. If I don’t have money, I can only hide in my bed. I might not even have the budget to buy beer and chicken feet.”

“Haha, who said that? It’s too hilarious,” Huo Mian laughed from the saying.

“A netizen made it up and it’s brilliant. I absolutely agree. Even though I married Gao Ran for love, I have to mention that Gao Ran’s family background helped us struggle less than we should’ve. He has a great job and a great future. I’m happy enough to have money to open a store, live in a mansion, and drive a luxury car. You are the same too. Many women are jealous of you… that you can marry someone you love and live in a mansion like South Hill Manor. So let’s be good and not cause any trouble.”

“Lingling, I didn’t do anything. I’m not the problem this time.”

“So Mr. Qin is really having an affair?”

“Mr. Qin…is not having an affair either. It’s not like that Maybe it、because we haven’t communicated lately?”

“Then find a chance to sit down and chat. You two are so intimate. What’s there not to talk about?”

“Um, I also plan to talk to him in the near future.”

“That’s great. I’m relieved as long as you’re fine. I gotta go make lunch for Boyuan. Talk to you later.”


Dropping down her cell phone, Huo Mian’s mood became significantly better. Her best friend, Zhu Lingling, could always bring her joy when she was down.

That was why people could not live without one of the three relationships, family, friendship, and love.

Huo Mian started to miss Lu Yan when she thought about this…

Her younger sister, who had always lived in a rain of bullets, was a young lady appearing out of nowhere and disappearing without a trace.

She wondered how she and their father were doing. She didn’t know how long it would take for them to eliminate Ian so their family could be reunited again.

-At a high-end club in C City –

Su Yu and Wei Liao rarely had time to sit outside. They sat at the booth in the lobby because they wanted to join the fun.

At the same time, a nearby waitress who poured wine suddenly caught Wei Liao’s attention.

“Mr. Su, look at that chick… doesn’t she look like someone?” Wei Liao patted Su Yu’s shoulder in surprise and asked him to take a look.



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