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(The Divorcing Crisis (4)

“What are they saying about me?”

“They are saying that you were doing everything to seduce Qin Chu and marry into a rich family. They are also saying you’re too arrogant, you think you’re too cool, and that you’re cunning. Some are saying you are materialistic, and that you would only be friends with wealthy people. The rumors are all very terrible. You know, every time the old classmates get together, everyone would start talking as soon as they hit the third drink. The guys like to boast, and the girls like to gossip. The gossip always revolves around you, Zhu Lingling, Liu Siying, and so on. They pretty much talk about whoever is not there.”

“I don’t mind it. Whatever they say is up to them. I don’t need other people’s opinions about my life. If they want to be a commentator, so be it.” Huo Mian smiled slightly.

“I must say I admire your mental fortitude.” Wei Dong gave her a thumbs up.

“Well, this has nothing to do with mental fortitude. It’s more about the perspective one takes when observing a problem. Don’t think about it too much. Most people are like this, their mouths are rather unreliable. The words that come out of their mouths can be good or bad, and if you take anything they say seriously, you’re only looking for trouble.”

“Yes. Back then, when I used to hang out with them quite a bit, I thought it was interesting. But, when the day came when I was the laughing stock, I could no longer let out a smile anymore. It was only then I realized the feeling of being talked about. Even though I didn’t go to the last class reunion, I still kind of knew what sort of things they said about me. To be honest, now that I have money again and made a comeback, the old me would have invited them out for dinner and put on a boasting show just to show them I’m f*cking rich again. But, then I thought, it wasn’t necessary. In the future, I will look to you as my role model. I will have a low-key lifestyle, and live for my family and the people I love.”

“It’s not wrong to think like that. Overall, just take care of your family, because they are the ones that have given you the most. Also, you’re not in your twenties anymore, keep an eye out for a nice girl while you’re busy building your career. You are Auntie’s only son, I’m sure she will want a grandson as soon as possible. Look at me’ my twins are already a couple of years old.”

“Yeah, time waits for no one. Back then, when you were still interning at First Hospital, you were a young and innocent little nurse that just graduated university for less than half a year. Ha, now you’re a mother of two! But, you still look like the old times, still so calm, as if the time has stopped just for you.”

“Alright, save the compliments. We’ve been classmates for how many years now? Keep up the good work with your business. Give me a call if you need anything.”

“Do you need me to give you a ride?” Wei Dong asked sincerely.

“No need, I can drive my car, no problem. It’s not too late either.” Huo Mian pressed her car keys and got onto the Porsche.

“Be careful and drive slowly,” Wei Dong reminded.

Huo Mian nodded. She backed her car out efficiently and drove towards the South Hill Manor.

Wei Dong watched as her car disappeared in the distance and sighed.

He knew very well that no matter the time, whether it was now or many years ago, Huo Mian was a woman that was way out of his league. He could only ever dream of her in his youth.

-At the party, located at a hotel in downtown –

Qin Chu showed up alone due to Huo Mian’s absence. To his surprise, he bumped into Shen Mingxi and Huo Yanyan. “President Qin, how come I don’t see Mian?” Huo Yanyan asked, smiling.

“She’s at work,” Qin Chu answered without much emotion.

“I see. Have you guys been okay these days?” Huo Yanyan asked.

Qin Chu scanned across her face coldly. “You can save this kind of chitchat for Mian.”

To no one’s surprise, Qin Chu answered her like his typical self, prideful as always. If she were the Huo Yanyan a couple of months ago, she would have let it go, but now, Huo Yanyan refused to be treated this way.

“I saw you at the coffee shop the other day when I was passing by. I thought you were with Mian, but little did I know, upon walking closer, you were with a girl that’s younger than Mian. Heh heh, is she Mian’s cousin or something?” Huo Yanyan tilted her head and asked spitefully with the intent to get revenge, barely noticing Qin Chu’s eyes darkening.




  1. Where has the high IQ gone on mian anachu?they should be knowing huo sigian is hitting on them again by now.


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