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(Powerful Psychological Tactic (4)

Zhang Manlin: “Do you know who Wei Dong is?”

Huo Siqian: “He’s Mian’s classmate from high school.”

Zhang Manlin: “Mhm, Qin Chu told me that Huo Mian lent him five million yuan.”

Huo Siqian: “She did?”

Zhang Manlin: “Mhm, Qin Chu said he investigated himself. Siqian, you should look into this as well and find out why Huo Mian really lent that much money to him… Anyways, Qin Chu’s really mad about this, and I think Wei Dong liked Huo Mian back in the day. That’s why Qin Chu’s so angry that Huo Mian lent him money.”

Huo Siqian: “Okay, I’ll look into this. Is there anything else?”

Zhang Manlin: “Qin Chu also said that I look like a younger version of Huo Mian.”

Huo Siqian: “Haha, you did well, Manlin.”

Zhang Manlin: “Big Brother Siqian, I did everything you trained me to do. Qin Chu also said that if things really end up badly with Huo Mian, he wants to go back to the United States and take the twins with him.”

Huo Siqian: “He’s probably bluffing, Qin Chu wouldn’t give up on Mian without a fight. You can’t believe everything he says.”

Zhang Manlin: “You’re right, Big Brother Siqian. I will keep gathering intel.”

Huo Siqian: “Mhm, be on the lookout and try to see him more often. I’m dropping a bombshell tomorrow.”

Zhang Manlin: “What bombshell?”

Huo Siqian: “You’ll find out soon enough, but… after tomorrow, things will be more difficult for you. Are you scared?” Zhang Manlin: “Of course not, you know I would do anything for you.”

Huo Siqian: “Okay, after this is done, you will be rewarded well. Get some rest, we’ll talk soon.”

Zhang Manlin: “Okay.”

After hanging up, Zhang Manlin let out a long sigh of relief. She used to be just a normal country girl; five years ago, she met Huo Siqian and he changed her life.

Over the last five years, she never stopped copying Huo Mian and even mimicked her voice. To look more like her, Zhang Manlin even underwent at least a dozen surgical procedures.

After all that, Huo Siqian burnt all her medical files and even killed the doctor who did it – this way, no one aside from the two of them would ever know that she got plastic surgery.

Even her parents thought that her appearance changed because she grew up, and her classmates thought that her change was nothing more than makeup.

Huo Siqian was good; he created a Huo Mian replica so much like the original that even Su Yu and Qin Chu were almost fooled.

Five years ago, Huo Siqian began training his ultimate weapon because he knew he would be able to use Zhang Manlin to his advantage one day. He indeed planned far enough into the future.

-South Hill Manor, Master Bedroom –

After Qin Chu got home, he took a quick shower. As he walked out, he called instinctively, “Honey, are you asleep yet?” However, he received no response…

Only then did he remember that Mian had gone back to her mother’s; putting on this show was sure hard. However, they both knew that if they didn’t deal with Huo Siqian, their family would never be able to live in peace.

Therefore, Qin Chu and Huo Mian decided to go through with the act.

A while ago, Qin Chu noticed that Huo Siqian had placed bugs in Huo Mian’s office and car. He even bought off one of the maids at South Hill Manor, but Qin Chu didn’t say anything or uproot them all. Instead, he decided to go with the flow and use them to his advantage.

That day, Huo Mian and Qin Chu talked secretly for a long time in the study. Qin Chu crawled into bed, lit up a cigarette, and thought back to that evening.



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