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(The Divorcing Crisis (10)

It was Zhang Manlin. She was wearing a cute Donald Duck sportswear that Huo Mian also loved to wear; even the color was beige, Huo Mian’s favorite color.

She paired the outfit with a pair of white runners.

When not at work, Huo Mian always wore casual outfits to family or friend gatherings, and Qin Chu loved the way his wife dressed and would always dotingly touch her head.

Was Zhang Manlin’s outfit a coincidence, or planned? Someone seemed to be doing whatever they could to reach his goal.

Upon seeing Zhang Manlin, Qin Chu smiled undetectably. Then, he looked down at his phone, pretending as if he didn’t see her just now.

“Hi, President Qin, what a coincidence! Why are you here?”

Qin Chu looked up, pretending to be surprised. “Why are you here?”

“I’m also part-timing as a cocktail waitress here, haha.”

“A waitress? You sure have a lot of professions…” Qin Chu said, his words containing another layer of meaning.

Upon hearing this, Zhang Manlin playfully stuck out her tongue. “Unlike you, I’m a normal person with a normal person’s salary. I can’t afford super expensive houses and cars, so I obviously have to work multiple jobs to achieve my dream.”

“Dream? What’s your dream?” Qin Chu stared at Zhang Manlin’s face; she really did look like Huo Mian.

“My dream? It’s a secret, I’ll tell you another time, haha. Should we have a drink since we ran into each other tonight?’ Zhang Manlin suggested.

Qin Chu didn’t respond, so she sat down beside him and poured herself a glass of wine. “I grew up in the countryside so my tolerance is really good. I used to steal my dad’s rice wine when I was younger!”

“You don’t have a boyfriend, do you?” Qin Chu suddenly asked.

“Ahem… what’s with the sudden question?” Zhang Manlin was drinking wine and almost choked upon hearing this question.

“I just thought of it, so I asked.”

“Um… how did you know that I didn’t have a boyfriend?”

“Because you never mentioned having one,” Qin Chu said without much emotion.

“Fine… you win, President Qin, you’re really good at paying attention to details. You’re right, I don’t have a boyfriend.” “That’s why I found it weird.”

“What’s so weird about it? Not everyone is as lucky as Vice Director Huo, and not everyone can meet their President Qin and fall in love forever at such a young age.”

“Ha…” Qin Chu smiled faintly.

“What’s with the expression? Was I wrong?” Zhang Manlin looked at Qi Chu.

“No, I used to think so as well. But recently I noticed that Mian and I… have issues that we can’t resolve.”

“Uh… did you guys have a fight or something? Because of what?” Zhang Manlin asked on purpose, trying to get information out of Qin Chu.

“Sometimes couples that look happy on the outside may be parting ways on the inside. In the end, passion will disappear and all that will be left is familial love.”

“It’s getting that serious? Did you guys really get into a fight?” Zhang Manlin asked.

“Fight? I guess so. Mian left tonight and went back to her mother’s. She left me and our daughters.” Then, Qin Chu purposely took a sip of wine.

Upon hearing this, Zhang Manlin’s brain went into overdrive. Then, she quietly asked, “Can I be a gossip and ask what happened? Vice Director Huo doesn’t seem like an irrational person.”

Qin Chu didn’t respond. He took out his phone and opened an app. Then, he threw his phone onto the table for Zhang Manlin to see. The latter picked up his phone, read the headlines, and pretended to be surprised. “Um, did Vice Director Huo cheat on you?”



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