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(Huo Siqian’s Probe (10)

“Daddy, you’re back. Look! Mommy’s back!” Little Bean made a peace sign with her hands, happy as ever.

Qin Chu’s eyes turned gentle as soon as he saw Huo Mian. In the next second, however, they went cold again.

“You’re back?” He pretended to be cold.

“Yes.” Huo Mian nodded.

“Pudding, bring your sister upstairs. I need to talk to your Mommy alone.”


Pudding listened, turning to leave right away.

Before Little Bean went upstairs, she looked back. “Don’t fight anymore or else I’ll stop loving you. Hmph!”

After the twins left, Qin Chu looked at Huo Mian.

“Did you see the news?” he asked.

“It’s such a big commotion. Of course I saw it,” Huo Mian replied.

“Then what did your Weibo update mean?”

“It means what you think it means.”

You’ve misunderstood. I did see Zhang Manlin but it wasn’t planned. We ran into each other,” Qin Chu explained cavalierly.

“Sorry, but life is not a fiction book. I don’t believe in coincidences.”

“So you’re not going to believe me no matter what?” Qin Chu furrowed his brows.

“You didn’t believe me either, right? That night when you saw Liu Ze bring me food, you looked like you were ready to murder someone. Why can’t I react in the same way?” Huo Mian provoked.

“So, Mian, you’re retaliating?”

“Not retaliating… but just… don’t always think that you’re the only one in the right and that others are always in the wrong,” Huo Mian replied vaguely.

The husband and wife continued to jab at each other with the coldest of words.

In the neighboring kitchen, a maid had her ears pressed up against the door.

“Cai Yue, what are you doing? What are you listening to?” another maid asked as she wiped clean a kitchen appliance. “Shh, don’t talk. I think Mr. Qin and Mrs. Qin are fighting again.”

“Oh, yes, I think it’s very strange too. I’ve worked here for almost a year. Although Mr. Qin doesn’t like to talk, he loves Mrs. Qin very much. I don’t know what’s happening recently but they’ve been fighting a lot. It’s disheartening really… It’s making Little Bean and Pudding worried too. I really don’t understand rich people. They have so much money already! They have no worries… why are they fighting? Why can’t they just enjoy themselves?” another maid chimed in.

“Don’t talk. I’m trying to listen to them.”

“Cai Yue… listen… you’ve only been here for less than three months. You haven’t even passed the probation period. They are very strict here. Uncle Li doesn’t like it when the servants interfere with the master’s personal business. There was a lady before who talked too much. She gave the media information on our master and Uncle Li fired her. I think you should be careful.”

“I know. I’m just curious. I want to know what rich people fight about… nothing else,” the maid named Cai Yue said quietly.

Then, like a thief, she pressed up against the door, peeking through the crack to see Qin Chu and Huo Mian.

“Mian… there’s no point in doing this.”

“You’re right, but there’s no other choice.” Huo Mian crossed her arms.

“Whatever, I’m done with this. I’m tired. Heading up first.” With that, Qin Chu loosened his tie aggressively and walked upstairs.

“Hey, stop! I’m not done yet.”

Huo Mian followed…

The maid named Cai Yue closed the kitchen door slowly…

Qin Chu entered the library directly, followed by Huo Mian.

Just as she entered the room, Master Qin instantly pushed her up against the wall.

Before she could say a word, her lips were attacked by his many kisses…



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