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(The Abnormality of Huo Siqian (2)

“Huo Siqian probably never thought Song Yishi had the brains to do something smart.”

“Still doesn’t sound right… If Huo Siqian didn’t notice Song Yishi left the diary at her mother’s house when he visited, why didn’t any of her family members notice after all this time?”

“That’s why what she did was so smart. She was afraid Huo Siqian would search her house. After all, even Mayor Song had gone to prison because of Huo Siqian’s schemes.”

“So… how did you find the diary?”

“I found it by accident as well. When Mrs. Song was moving, there was a box of Song Yishi’s belongings, and there was a notebook that caught my attention.”

Huo Mian listened intently as Jiang Ye continued, “The cover of the notebook was very odd. It had Satan on it, and the art style was very creepy and uncomfortable. It didn’t look like a notebook that would be used by girls, and it didn’t have a lock. I flipped the book open, and it was blank.”

“And then?” Huo Mian furrowed her brows.

“Right when I was about to close the book, my friend came over to take a peak. He was eating an apple that had just been washed, and when the water dripped down onto the diary, a miracle appeared.”

“The diary was written in special ink. The words would disappear when the ink dries, but the ink would undergo a chemical reaction when it encounters water. Right?”

“Smart.” Jiang Ye looked at Huo Mian approvingly.

“What’s in the diary?” Huo Mian asked curiously. There was a period of time, after getting married to Huo Siqian, Song Yishi was acting rather odd. She often looked like she was over the edge, and sometimes, crazy.

“I won’t go on any longer. There’s a lot of information, you can take a look at yourself.”

“You have it on you?”

“Yeah, it’s in my bag. I brought it along with me because I wanted to find a chance to give it to you. I didn’t think I’d meet you at Nantian Springs. Well, even if I didn’t see you that day, I would have found a way to give it to you. But, I might have mailed it directly to your office instead. Good thing I didn’t though or else Huo Siqian might’ve noticed.” Jiang Ye was feeling fortunate.

“You are willing to give me something this important?” Huo Mian asked.

“You don’t believe me? Are you afraid that I made it up?” Jiang Ye asked.

“No, I just think, if Huo Siqian found out that you have something like this on you, you might be bringing on a fatal disaster to yourself.”

“Don’t worry, he won’t know. I’m not careless like that.” As he finished speaking, Jiang Ye carefully took out the diary. It was a rather small notebook and even looked old and worn. After all, four years had gone by since the death of Song Yishi, it made sense that the diary looked worn.

You can match the writing within the diary with Song Yishi’s other writings, then you will know whether it is real or fake.”

“No need, I trust that you won’t lie to me,” Huo Mian said.

“Read it after you get home. It’s not safe to read it outside.”


“But, I do have something that I never figured out,” Jiang Ye said.

“What is it?”

“Why do you think she chose a diary with this cover? It’s terrifying.”

“It was probably related to how she was feeling. I think, she became very abnormal after marrying Huo Siqian. In terms of what she had actually gone through, only she would know. Now that she has passed, we will never know.”

“Doesn’t seem logical. Xue’er had been with Huo Siqian for all those years as well, but she never wrote in anything like a diary.”

“People are different. Mo Xue’er loved Huo Siqian, so she wouldn’t have said anything even if she noticed something. But, Song Yishi is different, she hated Huo Siqian since the very beginning. The fact that she left something like this has no meaning other than wanting whoever finds it to avenge her,” Huo Mian calmly provided her analysis.

“You’re always so smart and able to hit the bullseye.” Jiang Ye looked at Huo Mian admiringly. This little girl that is younger than him by a dozen years, is always able to pinpoint the most important factors of an issue.

“You have the diary now, you should go. Better to discuss it with your husband. I think whatever is in here will be of use to you.”

“Have you read it, whatever that is inside?” Huo Mian watched Jiang Ye and asked slowly.



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