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(Everybody Loves Zhang Manlin (3)

“Uh… kind of.” Looking at the side of her face, Su Yu was also slightly dumbfounded.

He suddenly thought of the silhouette that he saw on the street a while ago. It seemed like he wasn’t wrong about seeing her.

“Where are you going, Young Master Su?” Wei Liao saw Su Yu stand up and walk over.

After Zhang Manlin finished pouring the wine, she bumped into Su Yu as she turned around abruptly.

“I’m very sorry.”

“You…” Su Yu lowered his head and looked at her carefully.

“Um… do I know you?” Zhang Manlin was shocked when a man suddenly stood in front of her, looking at her like this.

“You look very similar to a friend of mine,” after Su Yu saw her appearance, he exclaimed.

They look even more similar when he looked at her closely. They looked especially alike because of their microexpressions and the tiny movements between their eyebrows.

However, she looked like a younger version of Huo Mian. She was filled with the energy and vigor of a young lady.

“Are you talking about Huo Mian?” Zhang Manlin asked with a smile.

“Do you know her?” Su Yu was even more surprised.

“Yeah. She’s our deputy director. I’m also an employee of South Side.”

Then why did you…?” Su Yu didn’t understand why an employee of South Side would work as a waitress at a club.

“Aiyo, I’ll talk to you in a bit. I need to work.” Zhang Manlin pushed Su Yu aside after she talked and continued to work busily.

After finishing up some work, Zhang Manlin took off her uniform, changed into casual clothes, and took the initiative to sit at Su Yu’s table.

“Hi, are you guys Huo Mian’s friends too?” Zhang Manlin asked.

Yeah; Su Yu replied.

“I knew you guys were extremely shocked. My deputy director’s husband was shocked when he saw me as well,” Zhang Manlin laughed.

“You met Qin Chu already?” Su Yu asked.

Yeah, I was originally working at GK, but President Qin probably disliked me for having the same face as his wife and fired me. I ended up working at South Side, and thankfully, the deputy director is generous and didn’t fire me.”

“Why are you working here then?” Wei Liao thought it was strange.

“If I say I work here part-time because I need money, would that be too tacky? This excuse… ha, it really isn’t. Even though I don’t have much money, I don’t have to work as a waitress at a nightclub. I’m still a university student and I’m writing a novel about the nightclub life recently. In order for it to be closer to reality, I decided to come here and experience it myself.”

“Write a novel? You know how to write novels too?” Wei Liao found this incredible.

“It’s just a personal hobby, not for the sake of fame.” After she spoke, Zhang Manlin grabbed a bottle of green tea from the table and started drinking as if they were friends.

This type of personality of being able to easily blend in with people was indeed very likable.

Wei Liao thought this could be a chance for Su Yu. He asked quickly, “Hey lady, how old are you and where are you from?”

“What is it? Are you from the household registration office, Uncle?” Zhang Manlin talked back.

Wei Liao was caught speechless.

“No, I’m just asking.” Wei Liao smiled awkwardly.

“I’m not even twenty-three yet. I’m twenty-one this year.”

“Oh, you are already writing? So early?”

Yeah, I skipped a grade,” Zhang Manlin said as a matter of fact.

“Skipped a grade, there’s another genius…” Wei Liao suddenly felt that this young lady had too many things in common. “Hey, what’s your name?” Zhang Manlin looked at Su Yu and asked out of interest.



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