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(This Kind of Huo Mian Makes People’s Heart Ache (9)

“No need. It’s not enough yet… I want to take Mian away when she’s absolutely heartbroken. By then, no one will separate us anymore.”

“Boss, are you really leaving? How about a lifetime of dedication here?”

“What is a lifetime of dedication? I never care about these things. Everything that I do only serves the sole purpose of being with Mian.”

“How about the Huo Corporation?”

“It’s simple. I’ve already arranged everything for the Huo Corporation, and everything will be settled.”

“Boss, Ah-Cheng will miss you.”

Among the guys that Huo Siqian had taken under his wings, Ah-Cheng was the most loyal one as well as the most intelligent.

“It’s not like we won’t see each other ever again. Why are you sad? I’ll leave you some money for you to run your business and live a good life with.”


“Okay, I don’t like to get emotional. Stop talking about it. Today’s a good day and I should be happy.”

“Yes, when Boss is happy, we’ll be happy too.”

“Go and grab my treasured red wine. I want to have a drink.”


Huo Siqian drank happily in the Huo Family’s Manor.

Qin Chu and Huo Mian weren’t in a good mood because it was their first time arguing with each other.

Qin Chu went to the study after he got back home.

The twins went to sleep with their grandmother. Huo Mian didn’t return the whole night because she was on duty. When Huo Mian got off and went back home to sleep the next day, Qin Chu had already gone to work.

The two people didn’t see each other and didn’t message each other on WeChat either.

The cold war continued…

-GK Corporation’s headquarter –

When Bella went downstairs to send files for the finance department, she heard some gossip. She was clearly not in a good mood when she came back.

-Noon, at the cafeteria of the corporation –

After Bella and Zhixin got their lunch, they sat in the corner and chatted.

“What’s wrong? You don’t seem to have the energy today. Is something bothering you?” Zhixin asked.

Bella didn’t talk.

“The broccoli is very delicious today. Do you want me to get more for you?” Zhixin was about to get up as he spoke. “No, I don’t want to eat. Sit down. I have something to tell you.”

“Ha, so serious? What’s wrong?” Zhixin and Bella’s relationship progress had always been slow.

On the one hand, it was because Bella was older than Zhixin. She was a superwoman who projected a high-wattage aura.

On the other hand, Zhixin had always been afraid that they wouldn’t be friends anymore once he confessed. That was why their relationship had always been more than friends but less than lovers.

Bella treated Zhixin nicely, but she was worried that people would gossip. After all, he was President Qin’s brother-in- law.

Inevitably, some people said that Bella wanted to marry into the rich family and seduce the president’s brother-in-law. That was why there wasn’t any progress in their relationship.

Yet, Bella still treated Zhixin better than other colleagues and Zhixin was content enough about that.

Whether it was work or life, Zhixin was obedient to Bella, who was like an older sister to him.

“Have you… noticed that something’s wrong between President Qin and President Huo recently?”

“Are you talking about my sis and brother-in-law?” Zhixin was startled.

Bella nodded.

“No… I haven’t WeChat messaged my sis lately. She’s been quite busy. What’s the matter?” “I heard a rumor from the finance department.”

“What rumor is it?”

“Do you know Sun Xiaoxiao, who just was hospitalized a while ago?”

“I’ve heard. Wasn’t she the one that was sent for emergency due to myocardial infarction?

Yes, she treated President Qin to dinner after she got out of the hospital.”

“Ah, that’s normal. That woman is in her forties, and she looks old and ugly. It’s nothing even if she eats dinner with my brother-in-law, haha,” Zhixin laughed brightly.

“No, the problem is someone else was present that day.”

“Someone else? Who?”

“Do you still remember Zhang Manlin?” Bella asked Zhixin in a serious tone.



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