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(The Divorcing Crisis (3)

“The money that you lent me last time…”

“What happened?” Wei Dong’s half-sentence worried Huo Mian.

“I rented a storefront, right? The rent for the place was supposed to be cheap, around 200,000 per year for 800 square meters.”

“Continue…” Huo Mian was getting more and more anxious, wanting to know what happened.

“I signed a five-year contract with the landlord at the time. Because he was so afraid that I’d go back on my word and it was also hard to find another person that’s willing to rent that place, he forced me to sign for the full five years. I paid him 1,000,000 yuan in rent which means that this place is mine for the next five years. Guess what happened? After a couple of days, the city government suddenly informed me that they were interested in the land and ruled it to be a site for an ecological park, and they want to construct it right away. Then, because of the lease contract I had, I got more than 5 million in compensation…”

“So what you’re saying is that you’ve earned 5 million yuan before you even opened your store?” Huo Mian laughed.

Wei Dong nodded. “Yes, isn’t that a high return?”

“That is so much more than a high return. You are so incredibly lucky!”

“So, Dong, hurry up and return Mian’s money,” Wei Dong’s mother reminded.

“It’s okay, Auntie, I don’t need the money right now. You and Wei Dong are starting over again and there are many places in the future where you will need money. Just keep it for now.”

“No, I should return this money to you first. If I need to borrow more, I’ll ask you again. I’ve earned five million so I can open another repair plant somewhere else. Plus, I haven’t incurred any debt. So lucky!” Wei Dong was beyond happy.

“This really is great news. You’ve survived your darkest hours and it’s all good fortune from here.” Huo Mian comforted.

“Yes, once I open my repair plant and make some money, I’ll hire lawyers to continue fighting for my dad and my uncle.”

“Is there hope for your uncle’s case?” Huo Mian asked.

“Yes. They’re only in jail because our family went into bankruptcy and was too poor back then to hire a lawyer. The truth is, my dad and my uncle are innocent. They’re just scapegoats, and the real perpetrators are still out there, living it up. No wonder people say that this world is so f*cking unfair.”

At the mention of the case, Wei Dong looked furious.

“It’s all over now, right? Everything will get better. Let me know if you need me.”

“No, you’ve already helped me more than enough. I can’t believe I treated you that way in the past. I was worse than an animal. Huo Mian, you really are great. If you were a man, I’d make you my sworn brother. You are my savior and my family will never forget your generosity.”

“Don’t be like this. I didn’t do it for you to pay me back. Everyone is down on their luck sometimes… If I can help, it’s meant to be. Don’t feel guilty.”

“Oh, right. I put 1 million on this card. The password is 888888. You can transfer it directly to your account.”

“Are you sure you have enough?” Huo Mian didn’t take the money immediately.

“Yes, I’m sure. If I don’t, I’ll borrow from you.” Wei Dong laughed.

“Alright, I’ll take it.” Huo Mian didn’t hesitate this time. She took the card and placed it in her bag.

After they finished their meal, it was already dark out. Huo Mian got up to say her goodbyes.

Wei Dong walked her downstairs. Seeing his boyhood goddess looking just as slender and even more beautiful, Wei Dong couldn’t help but feel emotional.

“Huo Mian.”


You really are a good person. I think… that you deserve to be where you are now,” Wei Dong suddenly exclaimed.

“Well, it’s not really up to me, I guess. Everyone’s trying their hardest for a good life, right? Life’s hard.”

“But in the past, those things that others said about you, do you really not mind it?” Wei Dong suddenly asked sincerely.



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