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(Huo Siqian’s Probe (13)

“Who is it?”

Using all of her might, Huo Mian sat up in her bed suddenly.

When she opened her eyes, no one was in her room.

“Huh… huh…” Huo Mian breathed in and out in large gasps, her heart racing.

She took a second to wake up and got off of her bed. She walked over to the table and grabbed a glass of water, downing a big gulp.

Why am I having this dream again? It always seems like there’s someone here but I can’t see their face…

It was an indescribable fear… It was as if… she had been thrown into an endless abyss…

Huo Mian settled herself atop the window sill and gazed out the window. The silence of the night calmed her down…

The night view at South Hill Manor was beyond beautiful. Qin Chu had designed it with her and the children in mind.

The outside was built to look like an amusement park. At night, the neon lights lit up the entire night sky. It was truly romantic as could be.

Especially the colorful Ferris wheel at night, it radiated joy and happiness, brightening the mood of anyone that looked at it

Huo Mian really wanted to run to Qin Chu, but due to Huo Siqian’s spy in her house, she knew she couldn’t…

She thought about smoking a cigarette… but she gave up that idea the moment she thought of the baby in her stomach.

Finally, she picked up her phone and turned on the music. Yang Zongwei and Zhang Bichen’s voices sounded…

“The night is cold, snowflakes frosting on the ground. Your gaze from afar, exhausting all of the evening light. I’ll try to forget you, and eventually, I will…”

Huo Mian tossed and turned during the entire night, unable to fall asleep. Naturally, she woke up in the morning with heavy eye bags.

Luckily, it was the weekend so she could sleep in. When she went downstairs, it was already 7:30 AM.

The twins were still asleep but her in-laws were already in the living room.

“Mian, you are awake?” Mama Qin asked.


“Are you resting today?”

Yeah, I’m taking a break.”

“There’s breakfast in the kitchen. Eat it while it’s hot.”

Thank you, Mom.” Huo Mian looked at her mother-in-law gratefully.

“I’ll bring it out to you.”

“No, no, I can do it myself. You should rest.” Huo Mian rushed towards the kitchen… but her mother-in-law still followed her into the kitchen.

Seeing that they were alone, Mama Qin tugged on Huo Mian’s shirt.


“Mom, what’s wrong?”

“Did you fight with Chu again?” Mama Qin looked at her daughter-in-law with a worried gaze.

“We… just argued a little bit. We didn’t fight. Mom, don’t worry.”

Your father and I sensed that something’s off with the two of you recently… Yesterday, when you two were fighting in the library, the servants were all listening. Unce Li even talked about it with your father during their chess game. In the evening, your father brought tea to the library to talk to Chu. After all, we raised him and we know him.”

Huo Mian concentrated on pouring milk. She listened to her mother-in-law but didn’t say anything.

“Chu’s been under a lot of pressure recently. Plus, you know him, he has a very indifferent attitude towards most people and doesn’t like to talk. The stupid media… all they want to do is break up families for views. They just want to create drama but not everything they say is true. I’m not trying to say he’s innocent… I just really hope you can be a bit understanding of Chu.”

“I know, Mom, I’ll be sensible.”

“Of course, although he’s my son, if he really did something wrong, I will not forgive him. Yesterday, I had a chat with his father and I told him too. If his son is really messing around outside the marriage, being with other girls and causing trouble, we’ll give GK to you and kick him out. We’ll stay with Little Bean and Pudding and he can go wherever he wants. Anyway, as long as I’m alive, you are not getting a divorce.” Mama Qin expressed her determination.



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