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(Huo Siqian’s Probe (1)

“Okay, no one’s here, what do you want to talk to me about?” Zhang Manlin glared impatiently at Zhixin.

“Don’t you know why I’m here?” Zhixin asked in all seriousness as he stared at her face, which almost looked identical to Huo Mian’s.

“You’re funny, how would I know, I’m not a fortune teller! Young man, stop wasting my time, okay? Just tell me what you want,” Zhang Manlin snorted; her attitude reflected her unwillingness to waste time with Zhixin.

“If you say so. You were the woman with my brother-in-law last night, weren’t you? I saw you on the news this morning.”

“So what if I am?” Zhang Manlin asked back provocatively.

“My sister likes wearing casual clothes and her favorite color is beige. You have the same taste…”

“Is it weird that we have the same tastes in clothes?”

“No, but it’s despicable of you to be a dirty mistress and steal another woman’s husband.”

“Are you referring to me?” Zhang Manlin snickered.

“Do you think I’m referring to myself?” Zhixin spat back; he hated this woman’s arrogance.

This woman was nothing like his sister; she sullied Huo Mian’s looks.

“Why am I a dirty mistress? Because I had a drink with President Qin? If that’s the case, it means your sister and brother-in-law’s relationship is weak, that’s why your sister feels insecure.”

“Their relationship is not your business, you have no right to seduce my brother-in-law. You’re still young, Miss Zhang, why would you do something the world looks down upon?”

“So you’re here to stop me?” Zhang Manlin looked down nonchalantly and played with her fingers. She clearly didn’t care about Zhixin.

“You can think of it like that.”

“What if I refuse to stop, what would you do then? Threaten me? Have someone beat me up? Or give me a bunch of money?” Zhang Manlin smiled.

“Have someone beat you up? No, I don’t hit women. Threaten you? I don’t think that’s necessary. As for giving you a bunch of money, I don’t think you’re worth it.”

Zhixin’s never argued with a woman like this; he indirectly cussed at her as politely as he could.

Zhang Manlin, of course, understood what Zhixin meant. “You don’t have the right to decide if I’m worth it. Tell me, did you come today to your sister’s aid to try scaring me down?”

Zhixin didn’t respond.

“If so, then you should leave. I like doing things my way, and I won’t change my mind just because of something you say. If I want to do something, I will go through all means to do so. If I don’t want to do something, you’ll never be able to make me do it.”

“If that’s the case, pretend you didn’t see me today. However, you should know your place. If history means anything, it’s that when it comes to my sister, no one will win. You’re not the first one; Zhao Qingya, Song Yishi, Jian Tong, Mo Xue’er… they’re all better than you, and what were their endings? Think about it, if you don’t go looking for trouble, trouble won’t come to you.”

“Oh yeah? But the thing is, I like trouble.”

“Good. Then I hope you can die early and move on to the next life sooner.” Then, Zhixin turned around to leave. He wasted his time coming here today; it was obvious that Zhang Manlin was purposely seducing Qin Chu.

But, why would Qin Chu fall for her tricks?

“What an idiot,” Zhang Manlin rolled her eyes with disgust as she watched Zhixin walk away.

Zhixin came without telling Huo Mian, so he wanted to leave from the back door before anyone else saw him. However, Huo Mian still saw him.

“Zhixin, wait!” Huo Mian quickly ran up to Zhixin, stopping him.



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