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(Everybody Loves Zhang Manlin (1)

“So is it true or not?” Zhu Lingling was still asking.

“How should I say this? I guess we have some conflicts, but it’s not a big problem… How can there be no fights after being married for a long time?” Huo Mian said indifferently.

She didn’t want to make her own family matters sound serious because she didn’t want her friends to worry about her.

“Sigh, that’s nothing. Director Gao and I have been married for many years now and we have quarrels as well. However, as the saying goes, couples quarrel at the head of the bed and compromise at the end of it, leaving no grudges overnight. In fact, after getting married, I realized that marriage means that even if you guys argue, you still remember to buy groceries when you come back. These things are trivial anyway. I used to be down before and felt Gao Ran didn’t treat me as well as before. I always thought maybe he took an interest in a new intern at the police station… then I felt like I was making myself unhappy. I watched a show the other day and the host said something that is very correct and fair. I’ll tell you what it is.”

“Okay,” Huo Mian laughed and replied to Zhu Lingling because she usually comforted Lingling and didn’t expect her to have a sensitive side. Huo Mian was looking forward to seeing how she would comfort her.

Zhu Lingling was too lazy to type. She pressed the voice-message button and said, “She said, ‘Before marriage, a man pursues a woman passionately. After they get married, many women think they’re being neglected and say that men don’t cherish their wives after successfully winning their love. In fact, that’s not true. A man pursues you because pursuing is a difficult process and that’s the main focus. That’s why he talks to you every day. After marriage, he has to change his focus because he has to struggle, work, make a living for the family, take care of the family’s expenses, and take care of the future baby. That’s why he doesn’t have time to get all lovey-dovey with you. Changing the focus doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you anymore, but it’s the natural process of love becoming a marriage. It’s enough as long as he doesn’t have an affair, doesn’t have another woman on his mind, and works hard for his family. Why do you worry that he doesn’t love you as much as before? Aren’t you making yourself uneasy?’ In other words, a woman also gets busy after getting married and she doesn’t think about dating or karaoke anymore. Use us as an example. We used to hang out every day before. But now, Xiaowei has to work and take care of Wei Yunchu at the same time; I have to be at the store while taking care of Boyuan. It is the toughest for you. You work and worry about the twins too. Why would we have time to think about romance? That’s what the other woman does. She has nothing to do and she can go to a salon, drive around, make soup for her man, enjoy an essential oil massage, get a new haircut, and drink some red wine.”

“Lingling, what you said… is very true. I totally agree with your perspective,” Huo Mian agreed pertinently.

Yeah, so I’m telling you not to give Mr. Qin a hard time. You guys should talk it out and discuss things with each other.

Other than Xiaowei, you, me, Gao Ran, and Qin Chu have known each other since high school. After all these years, we all know each other’s personalities and moral standing. If someone says Mr. Qin is having an affair, I wouldn’t buy that. Of course… It’s even harder for me to believe that you have an affair with that male doctor. That’s nonsense.”

“Ummm…regarding me having an affair with the doctor. Did you hear that from Little Bean?” Huo Mian didn’t kn^ whether she should cry or laugh.

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