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(Powerful Psychological Tactic (2)

“I didn’t know that you guys had all these problems… I always thought you guys were the perfect couple. I heard about your relationship even before I interviewed at GK, and I interviewed because you were my role model… I was surprised that you fired me because I looked like your wife, and back then I thought it was because you loved her too much, and that’s why you hated the way I look…” Zhang Manlin said quietly and softly, like a little girl that was wronged.

Her young age, the way she dresses and her overall demeanor really did make Zhang Manlin seem really cute.

Staring at her, Qin Chu slowly opened his mouth. “Why would I hate the way you look? Truth be told, you…”

“Me what?” Zhang Manlin asked with anticipation.

“You might find it funny, but you remind me of a younger version of Mian.”

“Really?” she exclaimed happily.


“What an honor! I heard Vice Director Huo was super cool and domineering back in high school.”

“She was, she was indeed really domineering and cute back then.” Qin Chu’s lips curled up at the thought of this.

This was the first time Zhang Manlin saw Qin Chu smile from the bottom of his heart; he really was super handsome. Qin Chu had a near-perfect face and a smile capable of creating a mass heart attack.

Su Yu and Huo Siqian’s looks were nothing compared to his. Once, Zhu Lingling even said that with Qin Chu’s face, he could become the ultimate celebrity if he chose to work in the entertainment industry.

And now, Little Bean and Pudding inherited Qin Chu’s looks, and that was why they were so good-looking – the twins were a combination of their dad’s good-looks and their mom’s brain.

Zhang Manlin couldn’t tear her eyes away from him and be suddenly in a daze…

“What are you thinking about?” Qin Chu asked.

“Oh, ahem… nothing. I just think you seem to really love our Vice Director Huo.”

“Yeah, I used to, but that’s all in the past and based on the fact that she loved me as well. How can I not be heartbroken by her betrayal?” Qin Chu frowned.

“Don’t be sad, President Qin, you’re such a good man, I’m sure you’ll find someone better.”

“Forget it, I used to think Mian was the best, but how did that work out? I don’t trust women anymore… If worst comes to worst, I’m going to move back to the States with my daughters.”

“What? You want to move to the States? What about your company here then?”

“It’s simple, I can hire a temporary president, it’s what I did back then when I lived in the U.S. for four years… Forget it, let’s not talk about this.” Then, Qin Chu picked up his wine glass and drank what was left inside in front of Zhang Manlin.

This rehearsed action made Zhang Manlin feel like Qin Chu was really drinking away his sorrows.

“President Qin, if you’re okay with it, I can drink with you.” Then, Zhang Manlin picked up his own wineglass and drank everything in it.

“You sure have a high tolerance for alcohol,” Qin Chu complimented.

“Ha, didn’t I tell you? I’ve been drinking since I was young, you might not even be able to drink as much as me. Come on, let’s drink our hearts out!” Then, Zhang Manlin picked up the bottle of wine and poured Qin Chu and herself a glass each.

Not far away from them, a team of paparazzi aimed their cameras at Qin Chu and Zhang Manlin, their shutters clicking again and again.



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