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(Who’s Playing Who at this Game? (3)

“Because he cares about Mian a lot, he’d be surprised if he sees you. You look so much like her.”

“Oh… really?” Zhang Manlin was about to break. She tried her best to keep her cool on the outside.

She wasn’t sure what Qin Chu was trying to do. Was he testing her… or was he still in the dark about it all?

“What’s wrong? You don’t look so good…” Qin Chu asked purposefully.

“I… um… I’ve been having stomach issues recently… I want to throw up… President Qin, please excuse me, I need to go back to the hospital to get some medicine. I really can’t take it anymore…”


With that, Zhang Manlin stood up hurriedly and began to run out.

“Wait,” Qin Chu called out from behind.

Zhang Manlin began to sweat, thinking that Qin Chu had discovered their plan.

Huo Siqian had trained and taken care of her for the past five years for the sole purpose of receiving her help now.

If she lost her value now, she would be… done. All of their previous efforts would’ve been in vain.

Not only would she return to her poor and wretched life, Huo Siqian might even go after her.

So, Zhang Manlin was a nervous wreck, her heart thumping nonstop.

“What’s wrong, President Qin?” Zhang Manlin turned around, her face pale and her gaze evasive.

You forgot your bag.” Qin Chu pointed to the white handbag on the chair.

“Oh, thank you, I’m so forgetful, haha. Bye President Qin, I’ll treat you to food some other day.”

With that, Zhang Manlin left in a hurry…

Looking at her hasty exit, Qin Chu smirked. “How do you expect to break Huo Mian and I up with a tool like that? Huo Siqian, your dream is a little bit too out of reach this time.”

-Inside a fast food restaurant –

Su Yu and Huo Mian were enjoying their mealtime with the girls.

They didn’t expect, however, to see Huo Siqian there as well.

He wasn’t alone too. Yan Ruoxi was next to him, chatting and laughing with him as they entered the restaurant.

“Mommy, look… it’s the big bad man!” Little Bean tugged on her mommy’s shirt.

Huo Mian and Su Yu noticed them as well.

Just then, Huo Siqian looked back and smiled, walking over with Yan Ruoxi.

“What a coincidence! Mian, you guys are here too?” Huo Siqian laughed.

Before Huo Mian could reply, Yan Ruoxi looked at Su Yu and mocked, “From afar, I thought it was Qin Chu eating with his family. What a surprise to see President Su here.”

Su Yu glared at them but didn’t reply. He continued eating his fries dipped in ketchup.

“Mr. Huo, I don’t think you’re welcome here… so… can’t you leave us alone? We’re eating.” Pudding put down her phone, her calm gaze sweeping past them.

“Hey, kiddo, how could you speak to your uncle like that?” Yan Ruoxi was fuming.

“I need to correct you. First of all, he was never my uncle to begin with. If you’re in need of an uncle, you can have him,” said Pudding.

You…” Yan Ruoxi was completely speechless.

“Secondly, I’m not a kid. Plus, I don’t even know who you are. Please don’t talk to us like you’re someone we should respect.”

Yan Ruoxi:

“Thirdly, can’t you see that we’re eating? Is it really polite for you to watch us? Don’t you have basic decency? Why aren’t you leaving?”

Pudding really hated Huo Siqian, so by association, she also despised Yan Ruoxi. Her words were more than biting.

“Sis, two thumbs up!” Little Bean put up her thumbs.

Just then, Huo Siqian glanced at Huo Mian and said suddenly, “Mian, I’m getting married.”

Huo Mian looked up at Huo Siqian, completely shocked.



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