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(Huo Siqian’s Probe (9)

“Miss Jiang Xiaowei, you’ve only raised me for four years. Please don’t make it out to be such a big deal, alright?”

Jiang Xiaowei: “…”

“Hahaha…” Pudding unleashed a rare fit of laughter.

Wei Yunchu, a god of cool and indifference, had just gone against his mommy in front of his future wife. What a kid.

Pudding had a great dinner at the Wei house and afterward, Jiang Xiaowei drove her back home.

She left after a short chat with Huo Mian, making sure that no word of the news was mentioned. Huo Mian really appreciated it.

“What do we have here? Someone’s willing to come back home? You didn’t stay at your mother-in-law’s home?” Little Bean extended her neck and teased her older sister.

“You think I’m as irresponsible as you? How could I stay?” Pudding scoffed.

“So… what delicious food did your mother-in-law cook you?” Little Bean asked.

“All kinds of seafood. What do you think?”

Tm jealous of course… sisters, right? You went out and enjoyed a big meal…and brought me back nothing^ been waiting for you all this time for nothing?”

“Look at yourself, maybe you should lose some weight. Stop eating so much… or else, even Gao Boyuan’s going to leave you.”

“You…why do you have to say it like this?” Little Bean puffed up her cheeks.

“Pudding, what do you think? Did you enjoy your visit to your Auntie Wei’s?” Huo Mian laughed, wanting to suck up to her daughter.

After all, she did sort of abandon her daughters at home when she left for her mother’s…

“Pretty fun.”

“Did you have enough? Do you want some more fruit or something? Mommy bought fresh strawberries and lychees for you…” Huo Mian continued.

“Mommy, just say what you want to say. You don’t need to play games with me.”

Huo Mian:”…”

“Hahaha, Sis, you really are amazing. You’re even mocking Mommy now. I think I should call you Qin Mock Mock from now on.” Little Bean burst into laughter.

“Um… I just want to ask… If Auntie Wei asked you anything… For example, something on the news… or something like that?” Huo Mian was as vague as could be.

“Mommy, are you referring to the news of you and Daddy getting a divorce?”

Yes.” Huo Mian knew how smart her daughters were. She couldn’t deny it so she nodded.

“Nothing, they didn’t say anything.”

“Oh, that’s good.” Huo Mian let out a breath of relief.

“So? Mommy, are you really going to divorce Daddy?” Pudding asked.

Before Huo Mian could speak, Little Bean grabbed her hands and made the saddest face. “Don’t, Mommy! Don’t get a divorce… If you and Daddy get a divorce, what will happen to us? If we go with you, we would have to leave Daddy and if we go with Daddy we would have to leave you. If one of us goes with you and the other goes with Daddy, we would be separated… Why can’t you two just get along? Why get a divorce?”

Little Bean’s words almost made Huo Mian laugh out loud. Her youngest daughter was always so fascinating. Her imagination was out of this world.

“We won’t. Mommy and Daddy… won’t get a divorce. It’s all fake news. Don’t listen to what the media is saying, okay?” Huo Mian placed her hands on top of her daughters’ heads, comforting them.

“Mommy, are you sleeping at home tonight?” Little Bean clung onto her mommy’s thigh tightly, looking up with puppy eyes.

“Of course, Mommy won’t leave. I was too impulsive yesterday…” Huo Mian looked at her daughters lovingly.

Just then, the living room door opened; Qin Chu was back.



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