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(Huo Siqian’s Probe (11)

It was the first time in a long time that Huo Mian had gotten so close to Master Qin.

She reached out her hands shyly, grabbing onto Master Qin’s waist tightly…

She knew that they were safe in the library. There were anti-tracking bugs installed in the room so Huo Siqian couldn’t hear anything.

After the long kiss, Master Qin looked like he wasn’t done. Maybe it was the heat of the moment…or maybe he was simply losing self-control…

His warm hands slid all the way down…


“You don’t want to?” Qin Chu’s voice was raspy… Huo Mian knew that the self-control he was so proud of was about to vanish.

“No…” Huo Mian was shy.

“Don’t worry. No one will know… we’re in the library.” Qin Chu assumed that she was worried about the bug.

“Not because of that…” Huo Mian stuttered.

“Then what is it?”

“I… well, I’m just afraid we’ll ruin all of our hard work. Although the bug won’t pick up anything, we have a spy, right? I’m afraid that she’ll hear us,” Huo Mian continued to stutter.

“Then why don’t you control your moan?” Qin Chu teased.

You… Master Qin, do you have no shame? Are you telling me to mute myself? Unfortunately, I’m not your cell phone…” Huo Mian pouted, clearly unimpressed.

Qin Chu embraced his wife dotingly…

Maybe it was her lightweight, in one go, Qin Chu lifted her entire body up, settling her atop his.

“Honey… don’t… We need to endure it a little bit longer.” Huo Mian thought that Qin Chu had truly lost control.

“Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you. I just… want to hug you… I really miss you.”

With that, Qin Chu settled his chin on top of Huo Mian’s shoulder, taking in her unique scent hungrily…

It was truly a dark time for the two of them. What was once a loving couple is now acting cold and distant, even fighting one another and hurting each other with biting and mocking words…

It was truly torturous…

They both knew, however, that it was a necessary process. If they didn’t pretend, Huo Siqian might get ahead and do more damage.

“Mian… give me some time. It won’t take much longer.” Feeling sorry, Qin Chu rubbed the tip of his nose against Huo Mian’s sweet cheeks.

“I know.”

“I have a feeling this time,” said Qin Chu.

“What feeling?” Huo Mian was taken aback.

“I have a feeling that this is our last battle with Huo Siqian. This time, whether it’s him or us, both of us are going to give it our all… Whoever backs off will be utterly defeated.”

“Then are you going to back off?” Huo Mian teased.

“What do you think?” Master Qin made a tantalizing gesture, lifting Huo Mian’s chin with his fingers.

“Well, I don’t think Master Qin’s ever backing off. You’d hold our world up even if the sky falls down. Someone as strong as you… for me… for our daughters… You’ve already put your life on the line…” Huo Mian sighed.

You really are the one who understands me the most… but I’m not as great as what you’ve described. I still haven’t done enough for you… Compared to you, I’m way behind,” Qin Chu said guiltily…

Huo Mian knew what he was referring to. He was feeling guilty for not being there when she had the twins.

The guilt would consume him every time he thought about it.


“Hm?” Qin Chu looked up at Huo Mian.

“Don’t be sad. Once we have… another baby… you can make it up then… right?” Huo Mian smiled.

“So… baby… are you saying… you’re pregnant?” Maybe Qin Chu was too sensitive, but he felt that Huo Mian was trying to tell him something…



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