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(This Kind of Huo Mian Makes People’s Heart Ache (10)

“Zhang Manlin… that name sounds familiar.” Zhixin tried to recall.

“She’s the woman that came to work for our company for a few minutes and got fired by President Qin.”

“Oh… I remember now. Is she the woman that looks like my sister?”

Yes, but I really think she looks nothing like Sis Mian and can’t be comparable to her.” Bella seemed to have a lot to say about Zhang Manlin.

“Ha, of course. My sis is the one and only genius girl in the whole world.”

“Come on, that’s not the main point. The main point is… I think that woman is interested in President Qin.”

“Is that true?”

Yeah, I heard Sun Xiaoxiao say…” Bella told everything she heard from the finance department to Zhixin.

Most of the rumors were terrible because you never knew which version would come out of someone else’s mouth. Therefore, what Bella heard wasn’t as simple as having dinner.

Rumor had it that President Qin took the initiative to send that woman home and the two stayed alone for two hours. Zhixin’s facial expression became serious once he finished listening.

“Bella, is that what you heard? I think the rumor is not reliable. My brother-in-law… is not that type of person.”

“How can I lie to you? I heard Sun Xiaoxiao chatting with those people and that’s what she said. She also said President Qin kept on looking at Zhang Manlin while eating and his eyes were stuck on her…”

“It’s impossible. I understand my brother-in-law. He’s not that kind of person. He treats my sister well. He didn’t even like Mayor Song’s daughter when she expressed an interest in him, not to mention a young girl. Something’s weird about this rumor.”

“Zhixin, don’t forget that Zhang Manlin has something that others don’t.”

“What is it?”

“Her appearance looks like Sis Mian when she was in high school. Maybe President Qin became a little lost, or he recalled their childhood memories.”

“Actually, I guess that does sound reasonable.”

Yeah, that woman is good at playing mind games. That’s why I’m telling you to meet Sis Mian and tell her about the incident. It’s good if there are no signs. If it happened, you better stop it immediately. Don’t let an irrelevant woman influence the couple’s years of relationship.”

“Okay, I’ll go find my sis after I get off work.”


After Huo Mian got off from work, she went upstairs immediately to sleep. By the time she woke up, it was already 12:30 at noon.

“Mian, you’re awake. You should eat.”

“Oh, okay. Where are the kids, Mom?” Huo Mian looked around and didn’t see the twins.

“Ni Yang picked them up to play at Ni Yang’s newly-bought villa,” Mrs. Qin answered.

“Ha, these two kids didn’t even tell me.”

“I’ve prepared a meal for you. Come downstairs quickly and eat.”

“Thank you, Mom.” Huo Mian looked at her mother-in-law gratefully before she entered the washroom to wash up.

As she went downstairs to eat, she received a WeChat message on her cell phone.

Zhu Lingling messaged, “Girl, you there?”

Huo Mian replied, “Yeah.”

Zhu Lingling typed, “I heard that you had a cold fight with Mr. Qin?”

Huo Mian responded with

Zhu Lingling messaged, “Say something. Is it true?”

Huo Mian asked, “How did you find out so quickly? Did Qin Chu tell Gao Ran and then Gao Ran tell you?”

Zhu Lingling typed, “My Director Gao isn’t into gossip, ha. I heard from my son.”

Huo Mian typed, “Your son…”

Zhu Lingling responded, “My son knew about it when he and Little Bean messaged on WeChat. I’m just asking you if it’s true or not.”

Huo Mian typed, “So my daughter told your son?”

Huo Mian was slightly dumbfounded and thought, ‘Are the kids these days already so crazy?’



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