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(Who’s Playing Who at this Game? (6)

“Uncle Su, look at Sis… she’s bullying me again…” Little Bean stomped her foot out of anger.

“Girls, stop fighting. Your mommy just left and you girls are already tearing the roof apart! Let’s go, your Uncle Tang’s probably getting impatient.”

Su Yu took the twins by the hand and got into his sports car.

Actually, the car was a two-seater and the passenger’s seat wasn’t allowed to carry two kids.

Normally, Huo Mian and Qin Chu would switch to their family car when driving the twins as opposed to their sports car.

Su Yu was different, however; he was a man who followed no laws.

The traffic cops wouldn’t dare to stop him, and that was power… the Su Family’s untouchable power founded on dozens of years of history.

The black Lamborghini dashed towards the airport…

Sure enough, after Huo Mian left the Nantian Springs, she drove to GK.

“President Huo.”

“Hello, President Huo.”

“Hello, Young Madam.”

At the sight of Huo Mian, the employees in the company all bowed down, polite as ever. Some called her President Huo while some referred to her as Young Madam; she had many titles.

“Sis, why are you here?” Zhixin had just come out of a meeting and was reading a report. He was pleasantly surprised to see Huo Mian.

“Uhm, where’s Bella?”

“Oh, she’s at the finance department, doing payroll for the resigned employees.”


“Sis, you’re looking for her?”

“Not really, I just want to visit her. Why?” Huo Mian looked back at Zhixin.

Nothing, haha. Go.”

Zhixin scratched his head. He was too embarrassed to talk about the snail-paced progress he had made with Bella.

Huo Mian did a lot to get them together but unfortunately, Zhixin’s unwillingness to make the final move halted any progress in their relationship; everything was still up in the air.

Huo Mian arrived at the door of the finance department. She heard Bella’s voice just as she was about to push open the door.

“I’ve held it in for a long time now. From now on, if I hear any of you talk about President Qin and President Huo, you will be sorry. Even though I’m not the boss of this company, I can still fire a small finance employee without question.”

“Bella, why are you mad at us? We’re not the ones spreading the rumors. The media’s doing the coverage, saying that Qin Chu was pictured having a date with another woman. President Huo’s also flirting with some male doctor.”

These are all rumors and are completely false. As employees of GK, you should be working hard, not gossiping… If this is what you enjoy doing, why are you in the finance department? Why don’t you become part of the paparazzi?” Bella’s words were sharp.

Everyone went silent…

Bella was an old employee and was amazing at her work. Plus, with her previous status as Huo Mian’s personal assistant and her relationship with Zhixin, everyone was too afraid to anger her.

“Sun Xiaoxiao, you’re not young anymore. Maybe it’s a good idea to stop gossiping with the youngsters. Work hard until your retirement. After all, GK has great benefits for its employees. If you get fired, you’ll lose all of it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Bella glared at Sun Xiaoxiao and gave her a heads-up.

“Alright, I got it. Assistant Bella.” Sun Xiaoxiao bit her lips, afraid to say more.

Huo Mian knocked on the door lightly and entered the room.


“President Huo… why are you here?” Bella looked happy to see Huo Mian.

“I’m off today so I’m free. Just here to visit you guys. Everyone’s working hard and must be tired.” Huo Mian looked around and smiled.

“Not tired, not tired. President Huo’s too kind.” The entire finance department was frantic. They were afraid that Huo Mian had heard their conversation and that they would get into trouble.



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