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(Everybody Loves Zhang Manlin (7)

“Yea… that woman… gives off a strange feeling.”

“You’ve met her?”

“Yeah, I’ve met her. If it were before, I’d ignore it” But seeing her with Qin Chu again just makes it seem…intentional”•” Su Yu’s expression heavied.

“President Su, what should we do?”

“An, I need you to investigate that woman’s background. Don’t miss anything.”

Yes, Sir.”

Su Yu was a cautious man. He wasn’t about to fall for a woman just because she resembled Huo Mian.

Instead, he became suspicious of the whole thing. So, he asked An to investigate.

-Midnight, in the library of the Old Huo Mansion – “Boss, she’s here.”

“Let her in.”

Yes, Boss.”

After a short while, Cheng brought Zhang Manlin in.

Without the radiance of daylight, Zhang Manlin looked particularly cold and untouchable.

She was donning a long black coat, her long hair tousled over her shoulders; she looked completely different from Huo Mian.

“Big Brother Qian,” at the sight of Huo Siqian, she greeted him respectfully.

“Take a seat, Lin-Lin.”


“How is it going? Are you tired?” Huo Siqian asked with a smile.

“What are you referring to? Making contact with Qin Chu or taking care of everything else?”

“I guess all of it.”

“I guess it’s alright. Qin Chu’s difficult to get to know but everyone else has been fine. Oh right, the meeting with Su Yu wasn’t as successful as I’d hoped. He wasn’t really surprised at the sight of me and he didn’t try to get to know me. I think he’s a little bit suspicious.”

“I know. I just got the news tonight. Su Yu’s men are investigating you.”

“Oh? Is that so? Good thing you’ve prepared for this.” Zhang Manlin laughed.

Yes, I’ve made sure that your background is bulletproof. Even if Qin Chu investigated you, he would find nothing… not to mention Su Yu… Let them investigate.”

Zhang Manlin nodded.

“Did you become acquainted with Mian?” At the mention of Huo Mian, Huo Siqian’s gaze softened.

Yes, I did.”

“How is she?” Huo Siqian asked.

“Should I be honest?”

“Of course.”

“Then I’ll be blunt. Sister Mian really is a great person… How do I put it? She never sucks up to anyone and never says things she doesn’t mean… But she’s also not inflexible, nor super confrontational or brutally honest. Basically, everyone at work loves her. She’s low-key, nice, and unproblematic. She’s even nice to me! I tried to get a rise out of her the other day by saying mean things but she didn’t get mad at me at all. I really think she’s a great person.”

Yea, my Mian’s always so calm. That’s my favorite part of her.”

“So, I can really understand more and more why you like her so much. If I were a man, I’d probably like her too.” Zhang Manlin laughed.

“Lin-Lin, you’ve worked hard recently. Isolating Mian is a long and difficult task, and we’ve only got less than a month to complete it. You have to complete the job. Whether it’s Qin Chu, Su Yu, or anyone else around her, you have to get to know them. You have to make them like you. You have to make Mian feel like the entire world’s abandoning her. Only then would I have the opportunity to be by her side…”

“I understand, Big Brother Qian, I’ll try my best. You’ve taken care of me for so long. Now that you need me, I’ll definitely give it everything I’ve got. I won’t let you down.”

“Okay. At the same time, you need to be careful of your own safety.”

“Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. No one can harm me.” Zhang Manlin laughed.

“Then you should head back. Be cautious of your surroundings, don’t get tailed,” Huo Siqian reminded.

“Oh, yea, Big Brother Qian, I wanted to ask you something.” Zhang Manlin turned back.



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