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(Powerful Psychological Tactic (3)

-Two hours later, near midnight –

Qin Chu and a tipsy Zhang Manlin walked out the nightclub; the latter sneezed at an icy breeze.

“It’s so cold, I should’ve worn more clothes out,” she exclaimed; at a moment like this, she really thought that a gentleman like Qin Chu would take off his expensive jacket and put it on her.

“It’s late, I should head back. Are you okay with taking a taxi?” Qin Chu turned around and asked.

Zhang Manlin was dumbfounded for a whole three seconds, and then, she finally came back to her senses and stuttered, “Oh, I-I’m okay with taking a taxi.”

“Mhm, then I’m going to go now.”

“Wait, President Qin.”


“Let me find a designated driver for you, you’ve had too much. What if the traffic police hail you down?”

“Don’t worry about that, none of the cops have the guts to arrest me.” Then, with a snicker, Qin Chu got on his black Bentley and drove away… leaving Zhang Manlin alone on the street, waiting for her taxi.

As soon as Qin Chu got in his car, his expression fell. He glanced at Zhang Manlin from his rearview mirror with a complicated expression on his face.

Then, he directly headed home.

“Hey, pretty lady, where are you headed? I can give you a ride,” some random guy outside the club came up and flirted with Zhang Manlin.

“F*ck off.”

Zhang Manlin wasn’t in the mood to talk; therefore, she angrily hailed down a taxi and headed home.

She arrived home close to midnight.

Throwing her bag onto the couch, Zhang Manlin took out her phone and called Huo Siqian through a secure app. Zhang Manlin: “Big Brother Siqian.”

Huo Siqian: “Manlin, how was it?”

Zhang Manlin: “I just saw him, they really got into a fight.”

Huo Siqian: “So it’s true? Didn’t you ask him about it?”

Zhang Manlin: “It doesn’t seem fake, Qin Chu looked really sad. He even talked to me about Huo Mian back in the day.” Huo Siqian: “Oh, I see…”

Zhang Manlin: “But he’s so not a gentleman! I drank with him all night and thought he would at least drive me home and give me the chance to approach him further. But he ended up driving away, leaving me there to take a taxi home myself!”

Her tone was filled with displeasure.

Huo Siqian: “Haha, that’s a good thing.”

Zhang Manlin: “Big Brother Siqian, why are you laughing? Now’s not the time!”

Huo Siqian: “What do you know? That’s Qin Chu’s true self. If he really drove you home and let you approach him, it means he knows that you’re a fake. Qin Chu’s an indifferent person to begin with, so his attitude towards you is normal. I guess he really did get into a fight with Mian.”

Zhang Manlin: “Mhm, I also think I’m not the only reason they fought. Qin Chu also mentioned Liu Ze.”

Huo Siqian: “Liu Ze? That rich heir that recently started working at South Side?”

Zhang Manlin: “Big Brother Qian, he’s not one of your guys?”

Huo Siqian: “No.”

Zhang Manlin: “That’s weird. I always thought you ordered Liu Ze to keep an eye on Huo Mian.”

Huo Siqian: “But I didn’t.”

Zhang Manlin: “What a coincidence, I heard my colleagues at South Side talk about Liu Ze, apparently he’s interested in Huo Mian and flirts with her with every chance he gets. Qin Chu also told me that he once saw them eating together at the hospital. This is true, I heard about this too.”

Huo Siqian: “I think I have to look into this Liu Ze then. Anything else?”

Zhang Manlin: “Yeah, one more thing,”

Huo Siqian: “Go on.”




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