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(Huo Siqian’s Probe (18)

Huo Mian and Jiang Ye turned to look at the same time and saw Su Yu.

Maybe it was because Su Yu left in a hurry, he was still in a business suit when he arrived. It was black, fitting, and made him look fresh.

Or maybe it was because he just got a haircut. He looked really energized.

“Wow, Handsome Su is here just in time.” Little Bean was excitedly worshipping him.

Hearing of Su Yu’s arrival made Little Bean put down her phone and look over as well.

Of course, there he was, Handsome Su’s tall and handsome silhouette. It lit up the entire place.

Even the manager came out to welcome him. It was a business owned by the Wei Family, and Su Yu had only been here once, at its opening.

He never had time to come, and his arrival surprised everyone.

The female servers all regretted not putting on more makeup to attract Su Yu’s attention.

However, he was in a hurry. He didn’t come in for a relaxing hot bath, he went straight for the resting room and found where Huo Mian and Jiang Ye were sitting.

And then, he attacked…

“Aho? President Su? What a coincidence?” Seeing Su Yu made Jiang Ye smile and stand up.

Su Yu wasn’t being polite; he directly pulled up a chair and sat in between Jiang Ye and Huo Mian.

“Why are you here and not at work?” Seeing Su Yu at this time surprised Huo Mian.

Then, she turned around to look at her daughters. She immediately got a grasp of the situation.

“I wasn’t busy at work, I just wanted to check things out.”

“You? Not busy? Who are you kidding?” Huo Mian hopelessly questioned the obviously lying Su Yu.

“Jiang Ye, you’re close with Huo Mian?”

“Ah, I’ve known Dr. Huo for a while. We’re friends.” Jiang Ye smiled.

“Really? Why is it that I’ve never heard Mian mention you? I know full well what you’re like within the circle. I don’t care which of my actresses you hook up with, but I’m warning you, stay away from my friend,” Su Yu didn’t leave any room for error and gave a heavy warning.

“President Su, you must be mistaken. I might have had thoughts like that in the past, but now… Anyways, I am very aware of my position and the fact that Dr. Huo is well out of my reach. President Su, if you can’t get her, a small fish like me would never.”

Jiang Ye’s words were quite shrill and made Su Yu uncomfortable.

“Don’t pull that trick on me. Do your job as an actor or spend your days in secrecy… Don’t bring unnecessary drama upon yourself.”


“You should go, I have to speak to Mian. It’s inconvenient if you’re here,” Su Yu impolitely asked him to leave.

“Uh…” Jiang Ye still had something to say to Huo Mian and didn’t want to leave yet.

“Ah, you should get going, we’ll speak another day.” Huo Mian gave him an easy way out.

“Okay, I’ll leave you two to it.” Jiang Ye rose unwillingly.

His one chance to speak to Huo Mian alone was disrupted by Su Yu.

After Jiang Ye left, Huo Mian sipped her tea…

“Don’t talk to Jiang Ye from now on, he has a bad reputation within the circle. He likes to trick innocent and naive girls like you.” Su Yu sounded very serious.

Huo Mian burst out laughing.

You’re in the mood to laugh? I am already very nervous for you. Dr. Huo, can we be serious?”



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