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(Who’s Playing Who at this Game? (5)

“Handsome Tang,” Pudding cut in.

“Smart. That’s correct.” Su Yu gave Pudding two thumb-ups. The girl really was brilliant. She could tell who the caller was just from Su Yu’s tone.

“That’s not fair… Sis is too quick. I also wanted to guess Handsome Tang.” Little Bean pouted.

“Qin Mumu, what’s the point of your afterthought?” Pudding’s calm gaze swept across her sister.

“It’s not an afterthought. I really did think of it! After all, Handsome Su has only so many good friends. Even a monkey can guess it correctly. Hmph!” Little Bean wasn’t about to back off.

“Alright, alright, both of you are geniuses, okay? Stop fighting. My brain hurts.”

One of Huo Mian’s biggest fears was a fight between the twins. They could go on for days and days and still enjoy it.

Yes, yes, yes. Little Bean’s also a genius.” Su Yu was also trying to be as fair as possible. He was too scared of what would happen to him if he offended one of the girls.

“Handsome Su, is my auntie back?” Pudding suddenly realized that they were missing something important.

“…I forgot to ask.” Su Yu was dumbfounded.

“Haha… look at you… you’re less attentive than a child…” Huo Mian laughed.

“The thing is, your kids are not normal kids, okay? They’re geniuses.” Su Yu gave her a sarcastic smile.

“I’m guessing that Auntie came back too. They’re in their honeymoon phase, sparks flying everywhere. There’s no way that Handsome Tang came back alone. They can’t even do long distances between cities, never mind between countries. So, we don’t even have to question it. Auntie’s definitely back. Oh, yeah, where are they now?” Little Bean looked at Su Yu.

“They just got off the plane. They’re waiting in the VIP resting area. I’m picking them up now.”

“I want to go too.” Little Bean immediately raised her hand.

“Alright, alright, alright, I’ll bring you.”

“I want to go too.” Pudding put away her phone, her face as calm as ever.

“What about you?” Su Yu looked at Huo Mian.

“I don’t think I should. There’ll be too many people. Bring the girls with you. In the evening, Ningning will definitely stay at my home. I’ll pick her up then.”

“Mommy, where are you going then?” Pudding asked.

“I’m… going to the company. Bella keeps sending me messages, telling me to visit her.”

“You can go to the company but remember, you can’t go see the perverted looking male doctor,” Little Bean warned. “Got it, Boss!” Huo Mian looked helpless.

What was Little Bean thinking? Why was she questioning Huo Mian and Liu Ze’s relationship? Huo Mian was really speechless.

Su Yu was disappointed by Huo Mian’s absence but he didn’t try too hard to make her stay. His gaze followed her out of the building. Although she was almost 30, Huo Mian was still exactly the same as when he had met her – calm, elegant, relaxed, and intelligent. She’s still the same person whom he could not give up liking.

“Stop staring. If you keep staring, you won’t be able to pluck her out of your eyes.” Little Bean pulled on the corners of Su Yu’s shirt.

“Little rascal, stop talking nonsense.” Su Yu felt embarrassed.

“Handsome Su, ignore my sister. She’s going through early menopause,” Pudding explained.

“Bulls… I’m not going through early menopause. Do you know how young I am? Can you stop smearing my good name? You think you can bully me just because you’re marrying into the Wei Family? I’m telling you, Boyuan’s going to be the chief of police for this city! When that happens, Wei Yunchu will have to depend on him to do any business!”

“Do you think you will die if you don’t boast for a day? Gao Boyuan? With his body, he can’t even become a police officer, never mind the chief. Embarrassing! All lies!” Pudding instantly tore apart Little Bean’s promises, and Su Yu had to try very hard to hold in his laughter.




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